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  1. Perfect! Restarting the program did the trick! Thank you so much, you've saved me a ton of work!
  2. Thanks scook. It does turn out it's an RPN event (with a value of 1024) "pitch bend sensitivity" that is causing the silence. If I delete that one event (at the beginning of the clip) then the bass plays. Unfortunately the NRPN checkbox that was suggested does not seem to have an effect. Is there any way to filter RPN events? Otherwise I have to go through all the supplied clips and edit then all. Long process! Alternately, would using 3rd party bass guitar synth perhaps help? Any recommendations for a robust bass guitar synth? Thanks!
  3. I'm using some SMF midi clips from Motifator (JazzPianoBassDrums collection) and if I drop a bass clip onto my SI Bass Guitar 1 track, when I play across that clip, the sound gets "deselected". By that I mean I have to re-load the Bass Guitar preset (even though it doesn't change) to hear a sound again. After re-loading a preset, I can play a clip from another area of the track (a clip from BandLab for example), but as soon as the cursor crosses into the Motifator clip (or even if I start in the middle of that clip), the bass goes permanently silent until I load a bass preset again. If I try and run the clip using the General MIDI synth, it will play. In addition, on occasion, if I drop a clip and play over it using the general midi synth, the program crashes and closes when the cursor reaches the clip. It will also do this on occasion if I select the bass guitar synth for preview and preview the clip from the media panel. I'm not having any issues with the Cakewalk supplied MIDI clips (so far). Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. I am trying to use some looploft bass guitar wav files. If I preview the clips in the media browser, they sync to my project tempo, and if I move them to the matrix view and play them there, they will also sync, but if I drag and drop them to a track from the media browser they retain their original tempo. I can highlight the clip after dropping, extend the clip to the grid, then use the autosnap and it will stretch the clip, but this is a lot of steps. If I drag and drop a midi file it automatically syncs to the tempo. Any clues or am I stuck with using the autosnap?
  5. If I insert sessiondrummer3 then a window opens up to view the drum kit image. But if I close the window, I can't get it back! where is the button or whatever to open up that window again? All I'm able to do right now is delete my drum kit, insert a brand new sessiondrummer, then a window shows. Any clues? I feel like an idiot on this one, but it seems to be NOWHERE!
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