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  1. A1 No problem. With the previous version, VEP is normal. A2 ThreadSchedulingModel3 did not work properly in my environment, so I set it to 2. If it is 3, the CPU load is too high and playback cannot be performed normally. Regarding ThreadSchedulingModel settings, is it a problem with dual Xeon workstations? As reported in 2020.08 Feedback, in the current version, when recording directly, the sound is delayed from the display on the piano roll screen. Also, the timing of the recorded MIDI input is very crazy. (*Single track playback) When playback was performed first and switching to recording, synchronization was successful. It is an amateur idea. Isn't the latency of VEP(plug-in) corrected when recording directly? I feel that the sound delay is about the same as the plug-in latency. The specific situation during playback. When 40 tracks are distributed by VEP and played from the beginning, there is a delay between tracks that was not available in previous versions. Also, when playing from the middle of the song, it does not sync at all. This is also a situation that was not in previous versions.
  2. The playback timing is not synchronized from "2020.07 Early Access". The sound source is "Vienna Ensemble Pro 7", and Kontakt is used. Moreover, even if "VEP7" is not used, it has been confirmed that the playback synchronization is lost if some VST3 (Mmelda Production products etc.) effects are used. I reported it in the Early Access feedback, but... Added. Synchronous effect shift when using VST3 of Mmelda Production has occurred in past versions. The same effect was synchronized in VST2.
  3. When I started recording directly, the delay processing of the plug-in was not performed and the MIDI input timing did not match the sound. When the playback mode is switched to the recording mode, it will synchronize. Did the processing procedure change? The plug-in is out of sync from Early Access.
  4. After installing Early Access 2020.07, Synth tracks are no longer in sync. In the worst case, it's about a quarter note shift between tracks. Even after freezing, the playback timing was messed up. After rolling back to 2020.05, the Synth tracks will play normally in sync. Freeze is also normal. The soft synth I am using is Vienna Ensemble Pro 7. *VEP7 is configured using Vienna Instruments Pro, SuitePro, MIRPro, Kontakt, etc. There are no errors in CakeWalk. Did this update require any changes to my sync settings? *This sentence is a Google translation. ------------------------------------------- *Addition After trying various things, when the effects of "Melda Production" were mixed, the playback synchronization became unstable. *Addition 2 When I changed the plug-in of "Melda Production" from VST3 to VST2, it seems to be synchronized. Is there a compatibility problem with the operation of VST3?
  5. I also had a display time lag. It did not exist before the update. In my case, it happened when I dropped the mp3 file from outside to the audio track. However, I have only seen it once. *This sentence is a Google translation.
  6. I haven't used drum maps for a long time. I would be happy if I could easily write notes on the keyboard with a piano roll. *This sentence is a Google translation.
  7. It may not be here, but it has not been fixed so I will post it to EA2. A bug in the display of the Arranger section. In Japanese environment, characters are displayed outside the window frame. Others may be outside the frame, but not all have been found. I haven't read all the posts. I'm sorry if there are duplicates. * This sentence is a Google translation.
  8. Oh, it's fixed! Thank you staff! The EA1&2 just freezes VST and doesn't work, so I can try new features.
  9. Certainly it was too easy to write. The installation is successful. There are no errors. When I load a VST plug-in that I often use from makers such as WAVES, National Instruments, iZtope, Cakewalk becomes "no response". The only product that worked was the "Vienna Symphonic Library" product. No error message is displayed. It cannot be forced to terminate. The PC needs to be restarted. There is no improvement in the reinstallation of each plugin. To be on the safe side, updating all the drivers for the graphics card, VC ++, etc. did not improve. Roll back to the old version. There is no problem at all. The old version is working fine. If I change the settings poorly, the old version will not work. * This text is a Google translation.
  10. I tried both EA1 & 2. Almost all VST plugins can not be loaded and hang up. Roll back and it will work normally. I think it's a bug in the EA.
  11. In my environment, ThreadSchedulingModel 3 introduces a very large delay. As a result, I couldn't play the song normally and turned it back. the track name of Automation is not saved. Is it the conventional specification? *This is a Google translation.
  12. I think that "Cakewalk Application Language" is a very significant function not found in other software. However, updates and bugs have been neglected for a long time. Minimal additions and functions I want to improve. · Change the event so that it is executed by referring to the event sequentially from the beginning. (* It is currently irregularly referenced. Is this a bug?) · Correspond to tempo editing. (* insert, delete, etc...) · The current variable corresponds to an array. I have various other ideas, but I'd like these three points to be improved for the time being. This sentence uses google translation.
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