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  1. "Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Rollback_Setup_27.06.0.053 (Rebuild_3) .exe" requested "ver.2021.07" and could not be rolled back.
  2. As far as I can see in the screenshot, I think the difference in dB is because it is boosted by Maximizer. For more information on RMS and Peak, see "Ozone9 Online Manual".
  3. About fonts in the new plugin menu. I noticed that some symbol characters are not displayed. Is this the correct specification? The symbol character currently confirmed is "&".
  4. If Kontakt is fine, I like Fujiya Instruments. The base is Organic Bass Suite . (Amp simulator is not included.) There is no trial version, so please refer to the demo play and manual.
  5. This has been confirmed multiple times in build 175 that it definitely occurs on two Japanese PCs. The video is the reproduction procedure. After confirming that "Change the Most Recent Tempo." Was not initially selected, it was very inconvenient, and then an operation test was performed. As a result, it was found that the operation was very strange.
  6. There was a bug in the tempo track that included a crash. *Cakewalk 2021.04 Update 1 (build It was deleted when "Change the Most Recent Tempo." was set to the same value as the tempo immediately after. If there is an envelope setting, "Insert a New Tempo" will be executed instead of "Change the Most Recent Tempo.". * In this case, it is linear. If the two situations overlap, double registration will result and the tempo will be out of order. If the same tempo continues, the "Change the Most Recent Tempo." is not selected and the "farthest tempo" is changed. First, move the "default tempo (1:01: 000)" and it will be duplicated. I was able to change it by continuously editing the "default tempo". Erases tempos other than "default tempo". It crashed when I edited the tempo before the "default tempo".
  7. After checking, it seems that the screen is distorted by the plug-in with "GPU acceleration" setting.
  8. When "Windows 10 high DPI rendering option" is enabled, the display of plugins of some manufacturers is distorted. I tried "EnablePluginMenuFix = 0", but it didn't work. ※Ver. 2021.04 build 144&155(JP) | DisplaySize 3840x2160 125% Checked owned plugins. - Melda Production: All owned plugins. - United Plugins: "Royal Compressor" There may be others, but not all have been checked. When "Windows 10 high DPI rendering option" is disabled, there is no problem. Display example.
  9. The explanation was insufficient. I reproduced it again, but the order of registration in the MAP has been reversed from the previous time. The conditions have become uncertain. conditions The display setting "Only Show Articulations for Active Track" is enabled. Multiple Articulations Library is used. It seems that 3 or more are required. This [TEST] is only registered and unused. In this movie, Tracks 1 and 2 include Articulations and 3 does not. First, [Limit100] has been successfully deleted. Change the track. when I delete [C], everything disappears and the data of another track is displayed. The reproduction procedure is like this.
  10. I wonder if Google Translate was wrong ... Doesn't it mean that the function defined in the shortcut [T] is not working in the Piano Roll view? I currently have [F] and [L] not working properly. I don't know from which version, but some keys are not working in the bind settings.
  11. I found a bug. (I posted it in a different place earlier, so I moved it here.) conditions -Multiple Articulations Library is used. -"MIDI tracks with unused Articulations" are mixed. -The display setting is "Only Show Articulations for ActiveTrack". Under this condition, delete "Second registered Articulations" in Articulations Maps in Projet. All Articulations will be hidden. Then, the "Articulations registered first in the map" in the non-Active Track is displayed. It can be redisplayed by reselecting the track. There may be other conditions, but it was possible to reproduce it in a new project. (gif movie)
  12. I wrote this in the feedback before ... I have confirmed that the binding is incorrect with the shortcuts of "F" and "L". It is very unstable, such as "the previous CAL" is started instead of the set "CAL". There are likely to be many others. There is no change even if all settings are cleared. If there is something like cash, I would like to delete it once.
  13. I tried the file [Trombones a 3.artmap]. I found a bug in the file contents. [ "id": 6, "name": "pfp 4"", ] [ "id": 7, "name": "pfp 6"", ] It seems that it cannot be imported because it contains this [""]. You can import it by modifying [ "" ] to [ " ] with a text editor. I was able to reproduce and verify it. In Articulation Map Editor, [ " ] was entered in the name. Files using [ " ] could not be imported.
  14. There is a bug in "Insert Time / Measure" in the processing of Articulation. Articulation is not divided at the insertion position and slides all. After execution, it will be in a very troublesome state.
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