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  1. I use web translations, so this may not be what you are looking for. Is the purpose simply to double the specified range? If not from the menu process, but to be performed in CAL. (do (EditLength From Thru 0 200 1 1) ) This should double the selected target. Note for CAL training only. Although CAL processes the data within the specified range sequentially, there are many cases where the data is not processed in order of event time. Therefore, CAL that simply uses the previously processed data may malfunction. *Confirmed by experimentation with a self-made CAL. CAL does not have an array, so there is no sort function. You must create your own arrays. If the theme is to process continuous data in CAL, I think the difficulty level is quite high.
  2. I too have the shortcut randomization happen often. Sometimes a registered "CAL file" is executed, sometimes it is not found, sometimes a previously registered CAL is executed.... I don't understand why. I have cleared all the shortcuts and imported them, but they are still randomized.
  3. Is it a problem that only stereo connection is currently possible and it does not support surround multi-channel plug-ins? I would like to use Dolby ATMOS etc ... Or is it possible now?
  4. https://www.organicdrumloops.com/ock-new/ How about this?
  5. On my PC, there are no problems with CR8 other than the error during scanning. However, "COSMOS" is not working ...
  6. I used only up to V12 of Waves, but when I changed it to V13 with CR8 this time, I got an error when scanning. I ignored the warning and chose to use it, but it worked without error ... With other software, there is no error in V13.
  7. The problem with this is that the events within the range are not acquired on time. For example, even if "CDEFGAB" is selected, CAL may process in the order like "ECDBGFA". Measures in my case. There is no array in CAL. Therefore, create the necessary variables, get the information within the range, and create an array. Variables can be easily understood by using "array.time00, array.time01, array.key00, array.key01, ..." and so on. Arrays can be sorted by performing the necessary comparison processing using "while, switch", etc. By executing (forEachEvent) again and comparing the event information with the array, legato processing etc. can be freely performed. As a premise, knowledge of programming that can create arrays and sorts is required at a minimum. It is quite difficult because it is necessary to customize the array processing, especially the comparison processing, for each Cal. Of course, once you make it, the rest will be easier. I haven't processed the chords correctly yet. I would like to know if there is an easier way.
  8. https://xtant-audio.com/product/dicky-deegans-uilleann-pipes/ I don't know what kind of thing you want, but what about this?
  9. The "composite clip" of the folder cannot be labeled as'Articulation'. * Check from the version at that time by rollback. -Articulation is not correctly recognized as the start time in "Composite Clip". -The end time is also not recognized correctly. -"Composite clip" lost time when dragging Articulation by editing. -"Composite clip" cannot do anything if Articulation is deleted in this state. I thought it would be fixed soon, but I reported it because it hasn't been fixed yet. I'm sorry if anyone has already reported.
  10. It may not be the usual method at the moment, but you can do many things with CAL. You have to make your own script to do complicated things, but ... As an example of a simple CAL, a major 7th chord is created with the specified range as the root. This is the one that was attached as a sample in the past CakeWalk. Is it still there?
  11. Bounce Buffer Size 10 MS -50 MS export result. It was clear that there was such a gap. I haven't tried a single digit. You can see that it is faster or slower when the settings are other than playback. If the value is higher than this, the deviation width will increase. * BUF.10 is not normal and some tracks are in fast timing. Although it is a deviation when setting this buffer, it seems difficult to adjust because the result seems to change slightly each time.
  12. Well, I didn't read the forum in detail because there was no problem in operation until EA134. I'm confused, so I'll check it. -Up to E.A.134, all "BOUNCE BUFFER SIZE" settings are invalid in ASIO. Actually, "PlayBack Size" was set. -As a result of the setting being enabled in E.A.137, there are no options other than "PlayBack Size" in my plug-in. Is this the right situation?
  13. After posting on E.A.137, I verified it again. Everything from 2021.06 to E.A.134 was working fine. However, from E.A.137, it was not possible to export normally except for "buffer size: playback" and "real time bounce". Ver 2021.09 cannot output normally, I would like to use E.A.134, which was the most stable, for the time being.
  14. When exporting, there was a gap in the playback timing of the track. So I tried the freeze track. As a result, it was found that the playback timing was shifted back and forth. The difference in this timing was different every time. It can be played normally without exporting or freezing. Playback status Cakewalk 2021.09 Early Access [Updated to build 137] + ViennaEnsemblePro7 ASIO: OCTA-CAPTURE Driver 1.5.2 A sample that shifts.
  15. "Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Rollback_Setup_27.06.0.053 (Rebuild_3) .exe" requested "ver.2021.07" and could not be rolled back.
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