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  1. The explanation was insufficient. I reproduced it again, but the order of registration in the MAP has been reversed from the previous time. The conditions have become uncertain. conditions The display setting "Only Show Articulations for Active Track" is enabled. Multiple Articulations Library is used. It seems that 3 or more are required. This [TEST] is only registered and unused. In this movie, Tracks 1 and 2 include Articulations and 3 does not. First, [Limit100] has been successfully deleted. Change the track. when I delete [C], everything disappears and the data of another track is displayed. The reproduction procedure is like this.
  2. I wonder if Google Translate was wrong ... Doesn't it mean that the function defined in the shortcut [T] is not working in the Piano Roll view? I currently have [F] and [L] not working properly. I don't know from which version, but some keys are not working in the bind settings.
  3. I found a bug. (I posted it in a different place earlier, so I moved it here.) conditions -Multiple Articulations Library is used. -"MIDI tracks with unused Articulations" are mixed. -The display setting is "Only Show Articulations for ActiveTrack". Under this condition, delete "Second registered Articulations" in Articulations Maps in Projet. All Articulations will be hidden. Then, the "Articulations registered first in the map" in the non-Active Track is displayed. It can be redisplayed by reselecting the track. There may be other conditions, but it was possible to reproduce it in a new project. (gif movie)
  4. I wrote this in the feedback before ... I have confirmed that the binding is incorrect with the shortcuts of "F" and "L". It is very unstable, such as "the previous CAL" is started instead of the set "CAL". There are likely to be many others. There is no change even if all settings are cleared. If there is something like cash, I would like to delete it once.
  5. I tried the file [Trombones a 3.artmap]. I found a bug in the file contents. [ "id": 6, "name": "pfp 4"", ] [ "id": 7, "name": "pfp 6"", ] It seems that it cannot be imported because it contains this [""]. You can import it by modifying [ "" ] to [ " ] with a text editor. I was able to reproduce and verify it. In Articulation Map Editor, [ " ] was entered in the name. Files using [ " ] could not be imported.
  6. There is a bug in "Insert Time / Measure" in the processing of Articulation. Articulation is not divided at the insertion position and slides all. After execution, it will be in a very troublesome state.
  7. sorry. I found a small bug. The selection is not set correctly when the first Articulation in the track is included. Look at the range of the time ruler. When the first Articulation is included, the selection time is set from the beginning. This bug is pasted in an unexpected location when copying. Please be careful. I was able to avoid it by inserting some Articulation first.
  8. I am in the same state. You should see "cakewalk.exe" in Task Manager. In my case, the "exe file" is denied access and cannot be forcibly terminated. After all, restarting the PC is faster to recover ...
  9. Even in EA3, the "Articulation menu" is not closed. Since I changed the language, I will check if it appears in English. Also, the problem that the shortcut cannot be changed. Changed CAL to another one by renaming. The CAL before the change and the CAL after the change started randomly. I don't understand the reason. ------------------- Added below Even in English, the menu does not close. The language setting doesn't seem to matter.
  10. EA3's Articulation Maps are stable for now. After adjusting the shortcut in the new function settings, [F] [Ctrl + F] [Shift + F] [Ctrl + Shift + F] was not working properly. [Alt + F] [Alt + Shift + F] [Alt + Ctrl + F] is working fine. (Example) - A CAL file different from the set CAL file is started. - The error that the set CAL file is "File not found." - Change settings are not applied and the previous process is executed. It may be another key, but I only confirmed F. Even if I rolled back to 2020.09, it didn't fix, so maybe it was before Ver.2020.09. How about other people?
  11. I will post one request other than the defect. I think that many of the "key switches" are set to the bass range. Therefore, I feel very uncomfortable if there is an input part at the top. Is it possible to select the display position on the lower side? In a position like this.
  12. When I forcibly terminated it with Task Manager, access was denied and I could not do it. The problem is infrequent but repeated. Another problem is that the "Articulation MAP Editor" suddenly stops recognizing "artmap files". It's working fine except for Articulation related ... Is it a problem because it is an OS other than English? I'm running the language in English. I can't deal with the problem of windows at the moment.
  13. Articulation Maps is a very useful feature. I will report it because it is in a strange state. I displayed the input menu by right-clicking, but sometimes I can't input at all. In this case, the menu will not disappear no matter what you do at this time. When I finished Cakewalk in this state, the menu was discolored and remained. I couldn't forcibly terminate it until I restarted the PC. Since this phenomenon appears suddenly, the conditions for occurrence are unknown, but it occurs regardless of the project.
  14. A1 No problem. With the previous version, VEP is normal. A2 ThreadSchedulingModel3 did not work properly in my environment, so I set it to 2. If it is 3, the CPU load is too high and playback cannot be performed normally. Regarding ThreadSchedulingModel settings, is it a problem with dual Xeon workstations? As reported in 2020.08 Feedback, in the current version, when recording directly, the sound is delayed from the display on the piano roll screen. Also, the timing of the recorded MIDI input is very crazy. (*Single track playback) When playback was performed first and switching to recording, synchronization was successful. It is an amateur idea. Isn't the latency of VEP(plug-in) corrected when recording directly? I feel that the sound delay is about the same as the plug-in latency. The specific situation during playback. When 40 tracks are distributed by VEP and played from the beginning, there is a delay between tracks that was not available in previous versions. Also, when playing from the middle of the song, it does not sync at all. This is also a situation that was not in previous versions.
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