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  1. Yes, it would be very good if we could have this option in the Console View, I even created an image to better illustrate the idea, below is the topic. SHOW/HIDE STRIPS AND GROUPS IN CONSOLE VIEW @Milton Sica Excellent 2023!
  2. Is it possible to include the option to delete all FX Rack plugins at once, instead of deleting one by one from the track?
  3. I referred to Groove Clip's "Stretch To Tempo", if some setting in "Stretch Methods" could solve the stuttering problem that occurs when using Groove Clip. @msmcleod Said that after using the "Groove Clip" it could be some transient that got out of place when using the Stretch Tempo in the Groove Clip, and the problem could perhaps be solved by editing through the "Audio Transients" of the track which would basically be using AudioSnap to relocate Transients that are outside the grid.
  4. @msmcleod, Any special settings in "Stretch Methods" to stop stuttering when changing BPM with "Stretch to Tempo" enabled?
  5. In the clip properties in the Inspector. Clip Properties > AudioSnap But, it would be interesting to have a way to visualize and insert the decimal values in the Clip in the Clips Pane.
  6. I don't know if it would be a lag, however, I noticed that the "Time Ruler" is not flowing as it should, it has small crashes, however, when I right-click on the "Track Pane" the "Time Ruler" starts to run fluid way, but I just have to close the open option panel in "Track Pane", which gives small crashes again. I recorded the screen at 60fps to see if it helps you to visualize what I'm talking about. 2022-11-11 17-28-12.mp4
  7. I installed the new EA, perfect loading without delay. Thanks guys!
  8. @Noel Borthwick, @Ben Staton, Regarding the clip group, if I'm going to split the drum parts to edit them all at once through the clip group, I can't use the "Tab to transients" to split them all at once, I have to click on the clip, so that the others are selected and then the action performed on them. Is this a glitch? In the other DAWs that I used this feature, every action performed on a clip belonging to the group was performed on the other clips regardless of whether they were selected or not. I'll leave two videos to try to illustrate what I'm talking about. Splitting group clips with just one clip and one click. 1814346641_2022-07-1419-03-01.mp4.7a96cf1fbb4ec3110f39c0ed7b17684a.mp4 Splitting a group of clips, more than one click, and needing to click more than once so that the other clips are selected and the action performed. 758050672_2022-07-1419-05-25.mp4.a9c13b305ca80cd1a1fcd5a5275f2af7.mp4
  9. Thanks for the replies!🙂 Yes, the delay occurs even when I start a project saved with both tabs open. 2022-11-07 16-07-58_Trim.mp4
  10. This issue has already been resolved in the new update, as far as I can see.
  11. I expressed myself badly, it would be another lag that started to occur after I update. @Noel Borthwick Is the group split behavior I reported in the private message normal for Cakewalk, or is it a glitch?
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