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  1. I didn't even think I already had it! This will make my life too easy! Thanx bro!
  2. I love this DAW and I am very happy with the frequency of the updates, which shows that they are really working to make Cakewalk even better. It would be really cool if I had the possibility to move the tracks around the console view, to reorganize. Untitled.mp4
  3. Two vst3 synths "TyrellN6" and "OP-X Pro II" when trying to open them through the browser, the Cakewalk is closed. The "OP-X Pro II" when I try to open through "Insert> Soft Synth" the same thing happens. I used these synths normally, however, after I updated the Cakewalk, it started showing this problem. 2021-01-17 02-53-57_Trim.mp4
  4. I managed to solve by uninstalling and installing Cakewalk again. The problem was opening a new project with settings like the "inspector" and "browser" closed. After reinstalling again, everything went back to normal.
  5. This update is buggy, when I save the workspace in perspective, when restarting the program the settings are lost.
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