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  1. Please change the functionality of the Absolute Time Base so that it applies to events within midi clips, not just the start times of the clips. This would be incredibly helpful when creating tempo maps for recordings that weren't played to a click. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, azslow3! I appreciate the info. I'll check it out.
  3. Figured out how to do it using the ACT MIDI Controller property page.
  4. Anyone know how to get the Akai MPK249 transport controls to work? So far I'm not having any luck with either the Sonar preset on the MPK249 or the Akai MPK49 preset in the Cakewalk Generic Surface.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Promidi. I posed the question to Jim Roseberry of Studio Cat, whom I just bought the PC from, and he said that this is expected behavior for 12th Gen Intel processors:
  6. I've got "Use Multiprocessing Engine" and "Plug-in Load Balancing" selected in Preferences, but the Performance Module is only showing a few cores being used. Is that because only a few cores are needed for my project or because something's wrong and they're not balancing correctly? Thanks for any insight you can provide.
  7. Thank you, scook! Much appreciated.
  8. Anyone know where user plugin presets are stored? I'm setting up a new PC and would love to be able to copy these over from my old one.
  9. Hey, Folks. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm on version 1.1.1 of EZBass, which opens just fine in Cubase and Studio One, but crashes every time I try to insert in in Cakewalk. Presently, I'm on 2021.09 Update 1 of Cakewalk, but have rolled back to 2021.06 and had the same experience. I've also tried using the Empty Project template, in case there was an issue with my custom template, but that didn't have any effect. It crashed then, too. I could try rolling back to an earlier version of EZBass, but would prefer not to, given the there's no issue with it in Cubase or Studio One. Any thoughts? Edit: Never mind, a simple reboot resolved the issue.
  10. I agree that the old look was better.
  11. Thanks, Scook. I appreciate the clarification. Bummer. I much prefer the old look, as it took up a lot less space.
  12. Did a search of the forum, but I wasn't able to find anything recent about this issue. My resolution is set to 1920 x 1080 and the text/app size is set to 100%, both of which are the recommended settings, but my plugin menu has been oversized since 2021.04 and I'm wondering if there's a fix in the works. Any update would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the reply, Mark. Sorry, I didn't see it till just now. I use Strength all the time. My understanding of the Window feature, though, is that it's the exact opposite of what the Cubase setting does. Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe the Cubase safe zone leaves everything in it alone, where as the Cakewalk Window leaves everything outside of it alone.
  14. I'm having the opposite experience of a lot of other folks. The context menus for plugins are gigantic for me, even though my Windows display settings are set to 100% and 1920 x 1080, both of which are the recommended settings for my monitor.
  15. Per Cubase documentation: "Creates a safe zone before and after the quantize positions. If you specify a distance in ticks (120 ticks = one 16th note), events that lie within this zone are not quantized. This way, slight variations are kept."
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