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  1. Please consider adding a "Smart Quantize" feature, similar to Logic Pro: https://support.apple.com/guide/logicpro/midi-quantization-types-lgcpbc6a2df2/mac https://ask.video/video/apple-logic-pro-103-recording-and-editing-midi/23-23-smart-quantize
  2. I have basically the same question, but I'm using my reverb bus for tracks other than just those that are being routed to the instrument bus, so I don't want the instrument bus to affect the reverb level of those other tracks. The only things I've come up with are grouping those instrument tracks, rather than routing them to a bus, or using two different reverb buses, one for the instrument tracks/bus and one for all the other tracks. Any other options you can think of? To me, it seems unintuitive that, so long as the reverb sends from the tracks being routed to the instrument bus are set to Post, the relative wet/dry balance wouldn't follow.
  3. Thank you so much, Noel! I just updated to 2019.01 and loading the Plug-in Manager is actually way faster for me now and switching among categories is instantaneous. I'm grateful for you getting this improvement out there so quickly. Cheers!
  4. Hi, Noel. Thanks for the response. I use custom layouts to be able to name and organize plugins the way I want them.
  5. Thanks for the responses. "Glad" to know I'm not alone. Regarding Craig's feedback, I use Waves and UAD plugins, both of which come with multiple instances of most, if not all, of their plugins. I also use a number of plugins that require an iLok. That said, those things were true prior to a month and a half ago when I started experiencing the extreme slowness, so, although I don't doubt that they contribute to slowing things down, it seems unlikely to me that they're the entirety of the explanation. Also, I don't know that the 2018.11 update was the culprit. The fact that not everyone is experiencing it seems to suggest that there are other variables. I wish these things were easier to pinpoint.
  6. Anyone else seeing this? I did purchase a number of new plugins around Black Friday, but it now takes 2+ minutes to load/change plug-in categories, which seems disproportionate to the amount by which my plug-in collection grew.
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