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  1. I applaud the current updating process, There is someone breathing here!!! So far, the in app update was awesome, working better than ever. And since coming from the long road from Cakewalk/Roland and then Gibson, working better than ever!! Remember peeps, if you have a lot going on in your tune and you start experiencing problems freeze the tracks you are NOT working on, so it will make a mixdown temp file, and then Cakewalk wont need to use the plugins on those tracks... Frees up your computer resources. (shutting down the internet, and your anti-virus while working on your tunes will also free up a ton of resources/memory) 😎
  2. Will do, Thanks for the comeback, Will get back if that don't work!
  3. I have noticed that with the latest update, the program doesn't seem to hold Display Settings or Control Bar Settings. I have a 2 monitor system that I put the main program on 1 monitor and my Console on the other and it would hold the next time it was opened, Also when I set the order of my control bar it doesn't hold the settings either. Its kind of annoying to keep resetting and dragging display and the control bar options into position. Will say no issues with functionality of base program. I've been with Cakewalk for many years and Band lab has been doing a better job on fixes than previous owners... Thanks Guys!
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