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  1. All good advice. Thank you! Here's another issue I am having that you or someone else can help me out with. I will be playing or recording using a virtual synth and all of a sudden, the notes are scrambled. The notes no longer make sense - they are random. I have to change the synth and change it back or delete the track. I know there has to be a simple solution to this. What is happening and what can be done to prevent it?
  2. Ahh..... that clears up a few things. Thank you!
  3. Thanks tecknot - I don't have a driver for the keyboard I use now. It just plugs in and the V100 reads it fine. The ability to control CbB would be nice although I can do that with the V100 as well or use the mouse, albeit not as effeciently. My biggest concern is that I have so many things hooked up via USB. I somehow feel like hooking up the midi via keyboard or controller through the interface (V100) via MIDI cable is more effecient/has more capabilities/less latency??? I don't know, but thank you for your input. I will look at all options. Truth be told, I don't really need a new keyboard. The current one works fine.
  4. My setup is a cheap Yamaha Keyboard (PSR-290) into a Sonar V-Studio 100 interface. Both the keyboard and the interface have MIDI in/MIDI out and that's how I have it hooked up - KB out -> V100 in // KB in -> V100 out. I am considering replacing the keyboard with a MIDI controller. While looking at controllers I noticed that the least expensive ones don't even have MIDI connections. They hook up via USB. The next price level does have a MIDI connection, but just one (out). Can I use a MIDI controller with just the MIDI out jack? Is the other connection KB in -> V100 out irrelevant, or superfluous?
  5. I'm pretty new here and just starting to listen to the music created, but sir, that is very, very nice. Great job!
  6. Shane - I appreciate your reply. "That also started to make me wonder who is scanning the music seeing how they know instantly." - Rick Beato did a vid a while back about what a ghoul Don Henley is regarding this. Turns out that whoever publishes his music DOES INDEED have 40 people in a room somewhere around the clock scouring the ether for instances of someone using their music! "What's to stop them from listening and stealing something the instant it is uploaded before anyone can hear it." Good point. Nothing is stopping them or anyone else, which is why you need to protect yourself. "So who knows. I can't figure it all out." The video posted right after your comment goes a long way to explaining things. " I do know that I have 3 songs I've written that I will never post because I don't want them stolen. I have proof in the timestamps of the files when I first recorded them but it's just not worth the hassle. If you have something you cherish and don't want stolen then simply don't post it is the best advice I could give." So, you should copyright your music and let us hear it. I plan to when I have about 4-5 songs completed. I have 2 and working on the third now. "...low and behold if I didn't hear it on the radio a couple of years later." Sorry to hear that. That's got to hurt, which is why I am trying to avoid the same thing and why I opened this thread. " I never officially copyrighted it and how am I going to go up against a huge record label." Did they steal the whole song or just the intro? That's why you should copyright your future work. Best wishes on your future endeavors.
  7. Old Joad - thank you very much for that. It pretty much answers my questions and validates my suspicions. Again - many thanks!
  8. "years ago we used to send our songs to ourselves by registered post and would never open the envolope. This way it was proven when they song was written etc. If someone came after that date and said they had wrote it... you could prove with the unopened letter." Yes, I've heard of this as well. In addition, I'm pretty sure that you can submit your work to the U.S. copyright office and receive a proper copyright. Thank you for your response!
  9. Thank you for your response! ". . . are we naïve if we trust in the humanity of it all ?" - I've learned to never put my trust & faith in man. ". . . or, are we fools to keep our music only for ourselves to listen to ?" I'm not suggesting we do that, I just would like to be protected legally, that's all. "Posting it online might be the best copyright we have these days." That's possible, but I would like to know for sure.
  10. At the moment I found this thread, this - was playing. I'll give you the next 2 cuts in the rotation - 1 - "Spanish Dances - Zambra" by the Goldspiel~Provost Classical Guitar Duo (a friend) - 2 - "Soulshine" - The Allman Brothers Band.
  11. "take off some highs on guitar." Yes - UNLESS that is the sound they were after. Personally I like it, and the whole track is killer! GJ!
  12. You've done a fine work Keith! What a blessing to be able to create.
  13. I guess I'm probably old school but you have thousands of "songs" or "pieces of music" that creators post here and in Bandlab - and other places as well. My best guess is that the vast majority of them have not been copyrighted in the traditional sense. So, since there are thieves lurking around just about every corner, what is stopping some enterprising thief from scouring these forums, taking all of the best things he or she hears, and then claiming them for themselves? Is it true that once a musical piece is laid down on electronic media, it is instantly copyrighted? Without any of the usual effort of creating a chord sheet, a recording and sending it to the copyright office and paying for a copyright? I'm confused. Can anyone help?
  14. Gary, I found this post because I fancy myself a composer of Christian music. I typed in "Christian" in the search box, found your post. Let me just say this: that it is a shame that some - like you and me, at times - feel it necessary to include disclaimers such as "OK... straight up... Many may not like this as its Christian based," and "Just so you know.. Im not preaching to anyone or ramming my religion down peoples throats." I don't do it anymore. If someone doesn't like what I have to say, they can tell me and I will let it roll off of my back. Sorry, I'm not being critical of you. We all do it or have done it. It's just a shame that the scoffers have such loud voices. I am just starting to get serious about writing some music that will help to build the kingdom, and I am almost 62. I have written a couple of songs but I need to and vow to spend more time, work harder and start producing full length pieces instead of 16 bar snippets. I just put together a hopefully winning chorus tonight. I love your lyrics. Perhaps we could collaborate. I come up with music far easier than I do lyrics. Do you have any other lyrics? Blessings, Wayne
  15. I want to give you an update. A few days ago, I proceeded with the uninstall/re-install. It didn't work. I followed the directions but I couldn't access all of my plugins, only a few. I couldn't even access the SI-Electric Piano from Cakewalk. I made many attempts to have it scan & recognize the .dll's in the right folder, but no luck. It wouldn't scan or re-scan no matter which scan method I chose. Very disappointing. However, I persisted. Today I decided to try the un/re process again. This time I made sure that I paid very close attention to the directions from cakewalk regarding the un/re process. In addition, I looked in other places in the registry (not suggested by cakewalk) for any trace of anything that said cakewalk and then deleted it. After re-installing for the 2nd time in 3-4 days, I was amazed to find out that it was successful!!! Everything works as it should except for a few stray plugins that I will weed out. Plugin manager works.! Scan VST folders works! I am whole again. Thank you very much!
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