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  1. Fantastic! That did the trick. Everything is working very well now. 24 tracks of 2-way control. Full transport control. I can't tell you how many hours I banged my head against the wall over this. Thank you for finally solving this. Two final questions if I may. 1. For Sonar projects where there are more the 24 tracks, is it possible to have the DM2000 flip to the higher track numbers? So, the control surface channels would flip to control 24 - 48, 49 - 72 etc. Not sure if this would be something in the DM or Sonar's settings. 2. The DM2000 has 4 USB ports dedicated to DAW control. 1 - 3 linked to tracks 1-8, 9-16, and 17-24. The 4th USB port is linked to the surround section. Is there a way I could utilized this 4th USB DAW port for some kind of control? It doesn't necessarily need to control Sonar's surround. But, it might be useful for other functions. Thoughts?
  2. IT'S WOOORKIIING!!!! Almost... My bridge meter time counter is working perfectly. Transport is working excellent! Even shuttle, scrub, and RTZ are working. This is FANTASTIC! TWO-WAY control. Even scribble strips! AMAZING! The DM2000 just became MUCH more valuable But there is one and somewhat key issue with the tracks though. I am only getting tracks 1 - 8 repeated three times rather the 24 individual tracks. So if I move track 1's fader it also moves 9 and 17. The scribble strips are duplicated as well. Any ideas how to fix this? I have set up the 3 x MMcL Mackie Control #1 throu #3. Is there some kind of channel offset that needs to be set up? If I can get this figured out I'm totally set. Definitely getting somewhere here at last! Almost there.
  3. Perfect. Thanks! This looks like what I need. I have X3 and 8.5 producer installed in addition to Bandlab. Can I use this to update the previous versions as well? Or only the Bandlab version?
  4. What a fantastic response and effort! Thank you. Your screen shots are very helpful. I should be able to get somewhere with my DM2000. My version of Mackie Control is out of date. Where can I download YOUR version of Mackie Control? As you see from my screenshot my version does not even have a Protocol section. Perhaps this has been my biggest stumbling block which I did not know was an issue until now. I will certainly need to get this updated first.
  5. Two more questions 1. Can anyone confirm Sonar actually RECEIVES MMC? Or does it only transmit? 2. How do you manually program Sonar's Generic Control Surface? When I try to enter specific SYSEX commands the generic surface is very random about what types of data it will let me enter and what not. Sometimes the fields are greyed out and sometimes not. It is very unpredictable. Also, can you create a generic surface outside Sonar? Perhaps some kind of control surface INI file similar to instrument definitions?
  6. The DM's USB driver creates 8 assignable USB devices which are available as IN/OUT MIDI ports in Sonar (Named DM2000-1 through 8). This is in addition to the standard MIDI IO which can be used if connected to an independent MIDI interface. If all are used then 9 possible devices could be available in Sonar. In the DM I have assigned the following: MIDI connectors for regular MIDI duty and MIDI Clock. USB 1-4 is assigned to DAW. USB-5 for MMC Remote. The DM breaks those four USB DAW ports in to the following: USB-1 strips 1-8, USB-2 strips 9-16, USB-3 strips 17-24, USB-4 PAN/Surround. The transport/locator controls appear to be configured independently of the four USB DAW ports. This is why I have set MMC transport/locator controls to USB-5. But it gets more confusing. I've loaded up MIDI-OX and am looking at what the DM is actually outputting for the transport/locator section.In the Machine Configuration window for REMOTE (again set to USB-5), if the machine type is set to MACHINE CONTROL the DM outputs SYSEX on USB-5. HOWEVER, if the machine type is set to DAW CONTROL, it outputs CONTROL CHANGE on USB-1, NOT USB-5. Even though it's set for USB-5. Confused yet?
  7. The DM does not explicitly say it supports HUI or Mackie control one way or the other. In it's setting's it allows the user to set one of the following as a target for a remote layer. User Defined, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase SX, General DAW, and User Assignable Layer. I can't find any documentation on what protocols are behind those templates. Of those options which one should I choose? And, what control surface should I best pair it with in Sonar? I have experimented. I noticed that the General DAW combined with Sonar's CM LABs Motormix control surface sort of works. I get the first 8 faders but that's it. It is very limited. No transport or anything deeper. It at least proves some kind of communication is possible. Thoughts?
  8. Yes. Latest drivers installed. I've been all through Yamaha's documentation.
  9. I want to use my Yamaha DM2000 to send MMC (MIDI Machine Control) to control Sonar's transport and location. I also want to use the DM2000 as a control surface for Sonar ideally with two-way communication. I have been trying to get this configured for days now without luck. It really shouldn't be this difficult to set up should it? Could someone in the know kindly provide clear instructions on how to get this configured in Sonar? Detailed information on what control surface or MMC protocols Sonar now supports would also be very helpful. This information will also apply to the Yamaha 01V96, 02R96, and DM1000. Likely many other consoles as well. Thank you!
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