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  1. Thanks - used Tuncury with Platinum, great to have it back in place on CbB
  2. Cheers Mark - yep, I checked my Registry and it already had that value set. So either it was from a settings import from SPlat when CbB was installed or I ticked it before it disappeared (if was ever there). Copied my SONAR.CHM file in and working perfectly. I agree, more likely than not the topic it matches will be pretty similar to the older Sonar version. Thanks to both of you!
  3. Thanks scook - yeah, that 5 step process is a more thought out way of what I was intending, and shows how convoluted it is... Most times I would probably not get past step 3 and just assume the Sonar doc is going to be the same as Cakewalk, and only dig further if it wasn't stacking up. Good idea on the Registry Key and old CHM file - I'll give it a go and report back.
  4. Is there any version of offline help (chm file) or the user and reference guides (pdf) that can be downloaded locally for Cakewalk by Bandlab? Somewhat related, using the online help is fine if the context works or I know what I'm looking for in the Contents or Index. And the User/Reference PDFs will be mostly relevant to current version anyway. But the search instructions (as per the website) with the top right hand box doesn't seem very effective: the first screenful of results as unrelated ads and doesn't have "Cakewalk" as a product to filter by, so I don't know how to limit the search to the current product only. The "Note - Using Offline Help" instructions lead to a setting that doesn't look like it exists in CbB so I'm guessing this means an offline file hasn't been prepared.
  5. Thanks for the link and the reminder this existed! Just purchased it and its working well so far in CbB. Should have done so years ago rather than persisting with TTS-1. And now my lovingly collected library of 90's MIDI files will sound nice again (well, comparatively) Rob
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