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  1. There are 3 ways to get cakewalk working on livestream if you want to use ASIO drivers....so here are 3 ways. 1. Ok to get cakewalk to OBS, get https://www.reaper.fm/reaplugs/ And follow the instructions on this youtube video 2. To get cakewalk working on Livestream i.e. where you have to choose separate input for video and audio, follow step 1 and the following instructions. Download https://vb-audio.com/Cable/ Follow the instructions on this website The relevant instructions are pasted below, not written by me but by the poster of that website "Step 1: In OBS in the Audio Mixer panel at the bottom, click the settings icon next to your microphone, go to Advanced Audio Properties, and turn on Monitoring for your microphone. I have it set to "Monitor and Output" because I like to use the record function of OBS to test things, if you select "Monitor Only" the mic will not work with the record or stream functions of OBS but can still be used in other applications. Step 2: Find and download a Virtual Audio Cable program (google). I'm using the VB-Audio Virtual Audio Device. Follow the instructions to install, in the cast of VB-Audio application I downloaded, unzipped, and ran the .exe setup file. Step 3: In OBS at the top of the screen, go to File -> Settings -> Audio (tab). Under the Advanced panel look for "Monitoring Device". Set this to the input for the virtual cable application "Cable Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)" in my case. If you do not see this you may need to close and reopen OBS, restart your computer, or double check your install of the Virtual Audio Cable application. Step 4: Open the application that you want to use with OBS audio. In my case Microsoft teams. Change the microphone input device to the output of your virtual audio cable application, in my case ""Cable Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)". Again if this doesn't appear, try restarting the application or your PC." 3. Alternative solution to do it without OBS requires the use of https://vb-audio.com/Cable & https://vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm & https://www.voxengo.com/product/recorder/ It requires a bit of setup and explaining...... but if you want to learn how to do it this way then can let me know otherwise I think the first and second option is easiest way to go.
  2. Ah Don't worry, figured it out! let me know if anyone needs help with setting up theirs.
  3. Thanks everyone! Hmm on the website I'm trying to stream it asks me for my Video Input and Audio Input. For the Video I choose OBS. But I can't find OBS as a Mic that I can add..how do you guys get around that? I guess OBS is only possible for sites that support it?
  4. Hey guys....I am probably reviving old threads as I still can't find answers to this question... I know how to OBS live stream and live play cakewalk using Reaper's plugin. But I am currently trying to live stream on a website where it requires me to choose a video and an audio input. For the audio input, I choose focusrite. But focusrite only captures my microphone. I need the focusrite to also capture my cakewalk sound.... Does anyone know how to achieve this? I've downloaded voicemeeter banana but just don't know how to use it to get it working. It's dooable with ableton live since it just uses the FLstudio ASIO which allows drivers to be shared. Thanks..!
  5. Wow nice...thank you so much for that tip!!
  6. Ah right, so from what I gather is that after each update it's natural for the keyboard shortcuts to be automatically deleted? Is there a way to prevent it from deletion after every update? ?
  7. I noticed something that keeps happening, everytime cakewalk updates all my keyboard shortcuts disappear.. Is this an update thing? Or is it something that happens when i change projects so different projects have different shortcuts? Like this is my 3rd time having to rebind all my shortcuts
  8. Ah thanks for sharing...I think I've read that one...thought 2 years later there would be an easier way :<.. Ok I'll download that file and try to play around with it thankss
  9. Is there an easy way to like just put labels or names on the keys of the piano roll? Because I have impact sound work's frame drums and I like to put names on the piano roll so I know which note is what kind of drum.......... I've googled...studied midi drum maps....watched videos...STILl don't know how to edit the files :<......
  10. i is there a cal script that can cut and paste notes to specific tracks? I know there is a cal script that moves all "specific pitch" of one lane to the other which is used for drum tracks...but would like one where i can just select notes and have it say move to track 2 hmm....anyone?
  11. Thank you guys so much for replying......much much appreciated... ......yes trying to bend just one note in a chord but don't want to affect the other ones.......that tutorial seems interesting I will look at it when I get back home from work today. So I guess you guys usually pitch bend the whole chord? Am I the only one here who just just pitch bends a note in a chord lol...
  12. Hmmmmm hopefully someone here knows !
  13. Ah right ok..I'm using premier koto kaguya, it's a kontakt synth
  14. Hi is it possible to just target a specific note with pitch bend? Like for instance, I play an arppegiated chord C then E then G on my koto instrument. But I just want the last note G to pitch bend up and down When I assign the pitch bend, the C and E bends up and down with the G...like I can hear the tail sound of C and E move with the pitch bend and I don't want that. Thanks
  15. Hi, I uploaded the video. Hmm the video shows two notes with one map articulation. But map articulation keeps switching because I think there is an invisible map articulation there in the region where I cannot create new map articulation...which explains why sometimes my keyswitches keep changing randomly throughout the project Also at the end of the video I tried to drag the clip that I tried to edit map articulation. And it says "Out of memory" I suspect that there are a lot of hidden midi information in that clip or corrupt info..I dunno.... I think that's why sometimes the pitch in different sections keeps changing for no reasons up and down...started ever since I tried map articulation....do you know why that is as well? It's like it's triggering some sort of a pitch change and I'd have to restart cakewalk or play with my pitch wheel.... map articulation prob.mp4
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