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  1. Thanks SO much guys! Hugely appreciated your advice today. I did d/l and install.... and everything worked pretty much as you predicted One thing I couldn't quite get my head around - earlier in this thread I noticed some talk about super-low latency, and how CbB runs more efficiently than Sonar Platinum. I have always thought ASIO was the professional standard, but I noticed that when I explored the driver settings I now have WASAPI drivers in there too. At first I was thinking "aha I need to switch to WASAPI drivers to get the performance benefits" and in fact I tried.....however CbB didn't seem to like it very much. Maybe because I'm running an RME 9632 audio interface, I don't know. Anyway, I reverted to ASIO and all was well - but running at exactly the same latency as my Sonar. Which left me wondering....is the vaunted lower-latency performance actually achievable for someone like me, running an RME card (& Win 10)? Thanks again for the wise words Cheers, Bill
  2. Hi All Thanks for a very interesting and informative post. I am still using Sonar Platinum, and having read everything on here am considering downloading CbB to sit alongside the Sonar installation. I guess I just have a couple of questions for those who have already walked this path: 1. I use Melodyne Studio, Waves, UAD plugs, Revoice Pro, Output suite, Stylus RMX to name a few. Providing I replicate the plug in paths correctly, can I assume that everything will just work? 2. Will I be able to open in CbB a project that has been saved by Sonar, and just continue to work on it in CbB? If that is then saved, could I re-open in Sonar at a later time if I wanted to? In other words, are the projects just interchangeable (I guess in the same way that they were between older versions of Sonar)? I guess if these are two 'yesses' then I can just press ahead and give it a go Fingers crossed Many thanks in advance of your help Warm regards to all, Bill Hester
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