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  1. Not every time. Hasn't happened since I disabled hdmi sound output.
  2. Latest focusrite drivers already in. I'm going through your other link/thread and am going through all the things I understand first. LOL So far everything is up to date.
  3. Still getting dropouts. Today...I was about to playback a solo I finally nailed I got a blue screen. After two hours the screen was still there so I had to do a hard shut down. Is it possible it's not cakewalk or my settings? EDIT = I just want to mention this is not the first time I've had this happen while using cakewalk. Thanks for your replies.
  4. Still no change for me. I was texting on my phone - no playback or anything - my computer was completely still - and I got the dropout error 1 message.
  5. Yes, this is a Dell. I used the task manager to disable support assistant. Also, I disabled the HDMI to my monitor. I'm trying 128 as a buffer setting. So far I've had dropout with error (1) and another with error (5). I just don't know enough nor do I trust myself to fool around with the bios or registry. Thanks, Pete
  6. I set the changes recommended by msmcloud. It's better, but I'm still getting dropouts...even when the system is at rest w/out playback. Maybe it's not related, but I'm also getting the following error... Sample rate is 44.1 Thanks for your help! Pete
  7. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for taking the time. Pete
  8. New computer. 10th Gen i7, 32GB ram, 1TB SSD (75% free space), and 2TB HDD (80% free space). I had the buffer at 512 for playback and was getting dropouts. I've since changed the playback buffer to the max at 1024 and I'm still getting occasional dropouts. ERROR code (1). Average song has a total of about 36 audio tracks, 6 buses, 60 or so sonitus effects and one instance each of Izotope Ozone, LP64, and Boost 11. Cakewalk by Bandlab 64 bit. I also have 8.5PE installed, but don't use it. I'm not super computer savvy. I'm keeping the song files on the hdd...should I move them to the ssd? Does my interface have anything to do with it? It's a 3rd gen focusrite 18i20. Is my computer not enough? Maybe an i9? Any ideas?
  9. Thank you very much. I was going for a cross between a newer Vinnie Moore phrasing mixed with a Brian May thing.
  10. Thanks. Yea that kick has been bothering me too. Haven't decided what I'll do yet though.
  11. Thanks man. Under Your Skin also needs more bass. LOL
  12. Thanks for listening. I decided against arpeggios at the beginning because it reminded me too much of "What a Wonderful World." I agree it needs more bass (I'm going to actually play the bass instead of keeping the midi bass). I'm also going to mix in different drum tones with the current ones. And yes, I'm always screwing around with lead EQs. LOL
  13. Thanks for listening, the compliments and the suggestions.
  14. I took a break from my current project to record something I've wanted to for a while. I don't think I've ever posted a cover song before, but here's one... Updated Clip 2/25 https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=13998654 Guitars - RG7620 - Fractal AX8 Bass - Midi - Roland JV1010 Keys - Midi - Dimension Pro (Cakewalk) Drums - Session Drummer 3 (Cakewalk)
  15. So, in the past three days I was able to get "Drum Replacer" to show up once in "Region FX." I exited that project and went right into another to see if I could duplicate the results, but had no luck. I went back into the project where I was successful and I couldn't repeat the results. When I'm successful my Region FX options are...Vocal Sync, Melodyne, V-Vocal, and Drum Replacer. When I'm not successful, my Region FX options are...Vocal Sync, Autotune, Boost 11, LP64_Multiband, Channel Tools, LP64_EQ, and Izotope Ozone. Does anyone know why the menus are completely different? Has this happened to anyone else? Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  16. Unfortunately, I can't answer your question, Bob. Just popped in to say hello. LOL
  17. I just started using Drum Replacer over the past few weeks. I'm highlighting the track/clip, right clicking on the track, scrolling to region fx, and not seeing "drum replacer" as an option. The next day I do see it as an option. The day after I won't. Today I've restarted my computer a few times, clicked on different parts of the clip, including the top, whitish part, and getting the same results. Am I doing something wrong?
  18. Thanks man. I appreciate that.
  19. This is great. It's creepy, but in a good way.
  20. I loved it. Very playful at parts and it bounced around nicely. And, of course, "D minor, I find, is the saddest of all keys."
  21. I thought the tones were great and you had good separation of instruments. I noticed you taking a big breathe early on. I have that problem every time I record acoustics. LOL
  22. Thanks mon frere. You know, I recently went on your soundclick page looking for the "she puts butter on the toast" song, but I couldn't find it. Hopefully you didn't delete it.
  23. Thanks for taking the time to listen. I tweaked the bass eq and volume (and updated the link), but I think I'm going to have to make more adjustments to the volume envelope for the bass.
  24. As always, I dig it. How have you been Mr Screed? It's been a while.
  25. Pete Laramee

    New Song Mix

    I'm mixing this proggy song for my new project with a few ups and downs. Tell me if I'm on the right track. I may need to just minimize the overall compressor. Also, tell me if the guitar/keys solos are even. I've been going through a SAGA phase and I'm doubling my guitar lead with the keys. New Link https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=13973689
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