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  1. FIXED: I didn't realize I assigned the wrong input. DOH! I'm not sure if this is an Amplitube issue or Cakewalk/SONAR issue (I'm have the issue in both DAWs) Just upgraded to Amplitube 5, but I'm noticing the same thing now w/ 4. I'm using Cakewalk Bandlab. I open a project and add the AmpliTube vst. I can hear the "hiss" of a high gain amp and the volume works, but my signal is just a dry guitar. I've tried this in SONAR platinum w/ both 4 and 5 and get the same issue. When I open previous projects w/ A4, I'm having the same problem, though the recorded tracks have the effects working as they should. In other words, playback works fine, but when I try to use the vst in a previously recorded track, I'm having the same issue as above. The A5 standalone works fine. Any ideas? TIA!
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