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  1. What mic and audio interface would you recommend. I can't spend more than like 200 dollars and I want something with decent quality
  2. For some reason my mic started crackling out of no where. It didn't crackle before. I'm using a fifine mic that plugs straight into my laptop and there are crackles every time I record now. Do you think it's a problem with the wires because I googled it and that was an option. Also does anyone know of a FREE decrackle plugin. Right now I'm not in a place to spend money but I could really use any half decent free plugin because the crackles only appear every once in a while- it doesn't happen every single time I sing.
  3. Yes I did resolve; for some weird reason I was using my headphones and there are two outputs for them- headphones and headset- and when I switched it to headphones it weirdly started working again. I literally *****ed around with the buffer size and all the preferences for like an hour before I did that and it started working again. Sorry for the late response
  4. no I don't have enough money for that right now. I only have a speaker that connects through USB and my headphones. Would that be a sure fix to my problem
  5. Out of nowhere my music isn't producing the same sound anymore. I previously had this experienced but I spent like an hour messing around with the driver mode and found the MME 32 bit worked really well for my laptop. But suddenly when I didn't change any of the preferences at all my music sounds terrible again like its coming out of a really messed up speaker and its cracking and popping. Even when I'm not playing audio at all and just editing my clips there's a sound in my headphones of crackling and occasional popping. I've changed it back to Wasapi shared and then becake to ASIO and then back to MME 32 bit but in every driver mode it now sounds terrible. Even my voice sounds like its suddenly out of tune for some reason along with the background sounding like its coming through a broken speaker. I have no idea what happened. How do I fix this?
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