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  1. Thanks Noel, I sent you the MSINFO32 log file in a DM.
  2. Yes, I did install it. And yes i reported the Arranger problem in the previous versions, but I didn't follow up since i don't use it. Now it's totally different it hit an important item!
  3. English, Windows 10 (Up-to-date), everything else appears fine. I had no problem with the previous version, except for the Arranger view. Now the FX rack displays this problem in all views 9track, prochannel, buses, etc.)
  4. A disappointing step backward appeared in this version! FX rack context menu (which appears when I right-click it) displays strange fonts: In the previous versions, I only had this problem in the arranger view. But this time it is very disappointing.
  5. Thanks Nigel. Actually, I already tried this, I mean turning Sounds to None, but I still get this loud sound whenever I change the audio driver, or when changing the focus say from CbB to a Youtube video in a web browser. I thought there maybe some sort of hidden setting or a registry tweak.
  6. Good day everybody, Is there any way to turn off, or down, the annoying sound Windows 10 makes every time an audio device, input or focus is changed? The reason is that sound is really loud, it literally pierces my ears when I am wearing my headphone. I noticed that it only occurs with shared audio devices like FL Studio ASIO or Flex ASIO. I tried to turn off Windows sound scheme still, all system sounds are turned off except this annoying sound! Any suggestions? Here's a short video: Sound.mp4
  7. Thanks Colin. Actually I was using Mercury . Anyway, after a couple of restarts it seems to be working fine with Mercury an Tungsten. So far so good, thanks.
  8. First, I would like to thank all of the CbB team for such a magnificent product. As for 2021.01 Early access: 1. The 4 new Select buttons appear as two vertical lines using the default themes, although they are present in the theme folder: 2. Arranger still displays strange characters:
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