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  1. @MisterGreen @CJ Jacobson@Will_Kaydo Sirs (I guess) thanks for your advice, it confirms somehow my way :D. I keep trying it out and virtually Plug In the Bass Guitar and carve out some sounds! I already tried it before I had a look in the forum so I think I move in the right direction because I get closer and closer to the Bass I want or need for my tracks. @John Vere May I have the link so I can download it? Thank you! Thanks I am very grateful for that!
  2. Hi and hello, I am a bloody noob in Cakewalk and I need some help from someone who is either into hip hop or he or she knows how to get things done :D. Lets take a track like "They want efx" by "Das Efx". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PU22-fsGA0&ab_channel=UPROXXVideo If you keep listening you will recognize the bass "guitar" in the background at the very beginning of the track. Whenever I try to edit my bass guitar it sounds to guitarish. It reminds too much of a bass guitar in one of Korn's tracks. I tried everything like google, youtube and things but there is now tutorial like "how to make hip hop bass" only how to make a beat but all of them dont use this kind of bass. I tried it by myself but I failed so I hope I can get some musical therapy up in here :) I hope you can help me out! Thanks in advance. One love alex
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