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  1. Wow! Nice tight tune. I really like your version. Eric
  2. What a fun, well-crafted tune. I particularly dig whatever you're doing to the vocal track. It has such a unique sound. Well done. Eric
  3. Thanks! It's a sampled electric piano from Toontracks. I don't play keys - these are midi parts.
  4. Looking forward to hearing it!
  5. Wow! Thank You. I just had a chance to hear your tune "Original Songs" - very cool. Great vocals! -Eric
  6. What a cool tune! The harmony effect really works for this tune. I will have to learn more about it. I also dig your selection of instrumentation and the mix. It seems very dreamlike. Nice work.
  7. Another well crafted, well played tune. -they always are. This one reminded me of some of the bands I followed in my youth. Well done! Minor comment - I think the bass sounds a little to antiseptic (for my tastes in this genre) Think: Gary Thain 🙃
  8. Thanks so much for the kind words!
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