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  1. This looks so cool. Has anyone here purchased this yet? If so, what do you think about it?
  2. Here is a video that gives a nice introduction to basic automation in Cakewalk. Hope this helps! -Eric https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRJDnKUAAYk
  3. I enjoyed listening to your tune. It's got a great vibe to it and the instrumental and vocal tracks are performed well. I have a few , very subjective, suggestions. The mix feels quite static, which is fine, but the song structure could benefit from a more active approach: some panning changes, variation of effects (delay, eq) . I also think a little bump in the low end would give the tune a little more power (I'm a bass player) 😀 Bottom line: it's a cool tune done well! Keep it up and submit more tunes please.
  4. Really, really nice!
  5. Nice version. I really like the lead vocal. Good job!
  6. This is such a cool version. Really good job on the vocals.
  7. Hey Anders This is an excellent version of a classic tune. You nailed the feel, which is no easy task. The vocals are quite pleasing. The singer did his own thing and it works so well. Did you program the drums? If so, nice job. Way to go! Really enjoyed it.
  8. Wow! Amazingly good cover. Really enjoyed all aspects of it. Thanks for sharing your talents with us 😀
  9. Eric Parsons

    LUCY 303

    Nice tune! I really like the vocal performance.
  10. Eric Parsons


    I like it! Really dig the chorus vocals and the cool panning changes. Very nice.
  11. Eric Parsons


    Barry - this is a cool song. I particularly like what's going on in the chorus sections. Interesting lyrics and guitar parts too. My only comments are with the interaction between the bass guitar and the kick drum. You might consider a little complimentary EQ , to give them both their own space. Also, and this is more picky, the bass and kick seem a little out of sync on some of the unison parts. If no one else mentions this, it's probably just me. 😏 -Eric
  12. Hey Steve - Cool! I'm interested in hearing the new mix. Is it available?
  13. Interesting tune! I really like the melody and the guitar parts. On the whole, I think the mix is good. Here's a few minor suggestions. The bass line could be tweaked to let the snare have a little more space. The easiest way to do this is to retrack the bass part and don't play a bass note right when the snare is struck or to play that particular bass note quieter. When the piano and keys are going at the same time - notch out (EQ) some space in the piano track to let the vocals shine through a bit more. Again minor points, I am digging the tune! -Eric
  14. Cool tune! Has a cinematic feel (IMHO) which adds to the coolness.
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