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  1. Very nice! Really enjoyed every bit of this tune. All of the parts are so tight and well-integrated. The arrangement and production are top drawer. The only thing missing is more information on who is playing what. 😁 Well done! Eric
  2. First off - this is a cool song! I think you should definitely continue to refine and improve the parts. Nice vocal performance and overall arrangement is interesting. I agree with the previous comments already expressed on the drums. They do seem a little lacking. It all comes down to personal taste (of course) but I would look for samples that sound a little more nuanced and "Real". I also agree that the lyrics could use more work. They seem quite generic and could a more personal approach. This is a great start. In writing, almost all writers write a first draft to get ideas down. The real work starts with the 2nd draft, 3rd draft, etc. -- where ideas are refined and changes are made. These revisions happen many times before most authors are happy with the finished product. Keep Going!
  3. I just purchased Goran Grooves Handy Drums and some midi files. The drum plugin has some nicely produced drum sounds and seems pretty straight forward. I also purchased some midi files from Goran and here's where I'm having a problem. The midi files are available for download in both Type 0 and Type 1. I have downloaded and tried to import both into a midi track. The type 0 midi file adds 9 separate midi tracks -- 8 of them are empty and one has midi data. the type 1 midi file adds adds 4 separate midi tracks - two have data and two are empty. The help screen on the Goran website mentions this issue with Cakewalk: Meet Bandlab’s Cakewalk DAW. This is the clarification we received from their development team: “Opening a MIDI file of type 0 will always split each channel into separate tracks. This is because back when hardware MIDI file players were popular, a lot of them only supported type 0, but users wanted to be able to edit them easily by having the tracks split out. Saving as type 0 would combine them again. However, if you drag a MIDI file of type 0 into an existing project, it’ll keep it as a single clip. So the solution is always to drag/drop MIDI files of type 0 into your project if you want to keep it as a single track.“ While some DAWs add multiple empty tracks when faced with type 0 MIDI, others do it with type 1 MIDI. Neither of these solutions work for me at present. Question: Has anybody else here run into this issue? I can import my other sources of drum midi files into the Goran Drum Plugin with no issues. So, I think the issue is with the Goran Midi files. I will be contacting Goran support with this too, but wanted to see if anyone knows about some setting in Cakewalk ( or something else) that would solve this. -Eric
  4. Hey Jake This is a cool tune. I really like the variation of sounds and the overall arrangement. Thanks for sharing! Eric
  5. Just an FYI - 😁 Out of the blue, I suddenly couldn't open one of my older projects. It would crash my system with the following error message: I contacted support at IK Multimedia and they suggested I reload the Amplitube Software. That did the trick! I'm not sure what happened to require this, but I'm happy with the results. -Eric
  6. As always, your tunes are so well crafted and performed. I love the tone of your Bass on this track. Well done all the way around! -Eric
  7. The essential tune is quite nice. I like the vocals and the groove. As others have mentioned, there is some tweaking needed to take care of some out of time rhythms. Is it possible that you have a long delay set on a percussion part? Please repost when you get that dialed! -Eric
  8. Wow! Nice tight tune. I really like your version. Eric
  9. What a fun, well-crafted tune. I particularly dig whatever you're doing to the vocal track. It has such a unique sound. Well done. Eric
  10. Thanks! It's a sampled electric piano from Toontracks. I don't play keys - these are midi parts.
  11. Looking forward to hearing it!
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