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  1. hi and yes to answer your question, when the midi hangs it also records the note hanging, and I can not get chords to show, I'm thinking it's this cheap midi cable as both midi keyboards do the same, on is my Rolan D5 and the other is a Yamaha Porrtasound PSS-680, anyone got an idead on which midi interface device to buy, I would like a few suggestions if possible also with optional audio plugins for mic ect.. CG
  2. hi ty for the response, hmm i don't think this seems to be my problem i made a short video and placed it on YT here https://youtu.be/1VYMMaN1fG0 im puzzled, this happens when i try to play any chords and the chord won't play either, any clues ? CG
  3. Hi, at a rough guess this could be anything from a wonky installation to harddrive corruption to memory error, of even a bug in the program, if you only see this kind of error in cakewalk then i'd go for a wonky install or confliction with a diver, try update all drivers and windows it's self then see if this happens, if all is updated then try to look at the dump file to see if you can see for your self, if thats possible as all, and try windows event viewer see what it crashed with in their, hope you find out what it is :). Kind Regards CG.
  4. I have a Roland D5 which works great, and it also works with my Roland U-220, single notes and chords work as expected, here's my dilemma, when I hook the Roland D5 Keyboard up to the pc Via the 5 pin to USB, I can play single note relatively ok, but it won't let me play chords in to cakewalk at all, and when i try to a single note will stick and keep on humming away? like I'm still pressing the keys, I Bought the MIDI to USB from the So called "e" Auction Bay, and wondering if its this cheap tat I bought or can't 5pin midi do chords to the pc and i can to the U-220 with no problems, sorry for the long winded ask, but it's been quite a while singe I did use MIDI like back in the days of the amiga :S. Kind Regards CG 😁
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