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Composer,arranger and producer.


FJ Lamela began his musical career around 1989 with various keyboards, low-budget samplers and some drum box.

Thanks to technological advances of those around them FJ Lamela selected by the 40 Principales Radio Workstation to carry out the jingles which vocal collaboration of his sister Raquel Lamela of the program called “Nos vamos de marcha“(We’re going into the groove) one of the first programs dedicated to dance music.

Following the success of these jingles, they begin to reach bids of other radio stations at local and provincial levels: Radio Tarifa, Alameda Radio, Radio Estepona, San Roque… being creative in some of their tunes and other jingles for different musical spaces.

When through the label Weekend Records,FJ Lamela publishes his first “K-Files” under the pseudonym of “K-Files”.This song was chosen by Dj.Pipi in Berlin as the best dance song 3 weeks.This song is included in a compilation of the promotional label and two compilations of Warner/EastWest and Dro/EastWest respectively.

Continuing his musical career with Roberto Uceda and under the alias DoubleDose they releasing the song “Luv Me 2” , published as Maxisingle in Constraseña FJ Lamela also publishes through Contraseña "Overload"  feat. Raquel Lamela.

With Robert Uceda again, they published under the alias Uplifters the song “Party Vibe” with Fader Records, who decided to edit this work on vinyl.

Alone and again under the same alias Uplifters, FJ Lamela published the song “A Constant Thing” ,this song is also licensed for the cd compilation United Deejays Vol.2 from the company MD Records.

FJ Lamela test their luck in the international market, most notably with a Japanese company based in UK, Toryumon Records, which focuses on digital distribution of various songs of the artist as well as the management of downloads of those items for use mobile telephony. This company gets FJ Lamela to be 11 weeks as No.1 in downloads of their work “Set me Free Baby” which vocal collaboration of his sister Raquel Lamela

After having been absent from the recording scene some time, FJ Lamela reappeared again through the digital label record Penelope Records, with they,FJ Lamela released a new song “What Can You Do?”. For this label record FJ Lamela has also done remixes of several artists of the company: Inside “Fadding FJ Lamela Away Remix” & PowderBox “GimmeLove FJ Lamela Remix”

This year the German company Ueberschall conjunction with the Label records Timeunlimited launches contest remix of the theme (of Mike Koglin) “Antidote” at international level.As a result of this contest FJ Lamela is within the Top Five and its remix is released by the label through the various portals selling digital music.

FJ Lamela continues in an active way in the music scene ,and in other facets. Specifically in the composition and arrangements for movies, short films (with who has won some other prize), micro-TV, as well as creating music for advertising, videos and jingles for radio and TV .

He has also worked and continues to arrangements, mixes and productions for other artists.

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