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  1. Hi there, I'm trying to upload a project from Cakewalk to an online Bandlab project. I select Project or a slection depending of my needs, then I choose the 2nd option (individual tracks). Cakewalk creates a folder in Bandlab Uploads folder, I can see the BLX file which basically a JSON file with all relevant information about project and tracks. WAV files are in Audio folder, everything looks fine, but I can't see the new project on my BandLab Projects' page. I can see some outgoing traffic to a cloudfront server, I suppose my WAV files are uploaded. If I retry the whole export process, I have a "No project changes detected" message. I've tried this for 2 projects without success. I can provide more information, screenshots, or logs (I didn't notice anything relevant in bandlab app dir) Help is welcome !
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