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  1. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for all the great deals - especially Larry! Hoping 2022 is a better year!
  2. Yep happens every time I go in to download a new instrument. The previous instrument I've already installed is there again!
  3. That's all that matters 😉
  4. We're all learning - as a dear departed friend used to say 'A day without learning is a day wasted' 🙂
  5. Welcome Chuck - yes it's a great place to be! Friendly people and great advice!
  6. Beat me to it! Paying for something doesn't guarantee it will be around forever! Or work with future versions of Windows etc
  7. Glad they worked for you - I quite like them with a bit of reverb
  8. The free Kontakt Player has a set of Uillean Pipes if they would help?
  9. Still waiting for the Mello Fi - about an hour now.....
  10. Also got an upgrade to AnalogLab V for the same price which seems an equally good deal
  11. Pigments 69 euro including Energy Triad before 6 January for me - I'd be tempted if I didn't already have so many synths I have hardly played with!
  12. They're messing with the wrong man there!
  13. Thanks Jason - that was a really useful review of the new features - I've thanked Ruben on his YouTube page
  14. I had exactly the same problem and after an hour of trying contacted support. I had right clicked everywhere except in Banks I think! ''We recommend you to download your expansions from within SynthMaster browser: Please follow these steps: . Go to the preset browser by clicking on the ''Browser'' button . Right click on the Banks list, click on the ''Restore my Preset Banks'' Menu.'
  15. Too much coffee Larry - which reminds me I still owe you one - will be on that soon 🙂
  16. ....apart from ' get a life it's free just choose one!' 😉
  17. Having just auditioned everything I don't already have I'm wavering between Cinematique, Analogue Essentials, Reverence and Good Folk for my freebie. The 2021 releases didn't grab me. Tend to think that Good Folk would have limited usage. Any thoughts?
  18. Thanks - I got in touch with IK support when I initially had the crashes and they got me to sort out my folder structure which helped a fair bit - not as many crashes as there had been but still a fair few. I have my samples on an external SSD through USB3.1 (I moved them there from my internal HDD as that is getting on a bit and is due to bite the dust at some point). Although I back stuff up I thought the samples and other important files were better on the new SSD. Maybe them being on an external SSD rather than an internal SSD / HDD could be part of the issue. At some point I'll bite the bullet and fit an internal SSD! My system & programme disc is already an SSD.
  19. Thanks. Yes I always wait for VST scan to finish before opening a project. I do get the occasional crash in ST4 projects generally - especially when going through sounds.
  20. Is it just me or does anyone else find that CbB crashes first time you open a project with Sampletank on a track when you update to the new version of Sampletank ? Same happened with Syntronik 2. Seems ok on reopening the same file. Weird!
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