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  1. Ah thanks Matthew. I hadn't realised there was a Kontakt version of GPO Sorry that you and others will be losing the right to reinstall software that you have been licenced. Seems like a poor show by NI. I don't have Kontakt and this wouldn't encourage me to buy it
  2. Re the third party products is this only if you have bought them through Native? I have GPO5 and would be annoyed if I couldn't reinstall it if I get a new PC or update current one
  3. Mike's excellent video here might help. He covers this again in a more recent video as part of his series on recording, mixing, mastering and releasing a track which you'll find on his YouTube channel 🙂
  4. Beat me to it Larry! Quite tempting - wish they still had those AAS soundpacks as a freebie though. Not sure how much I'd use the Soundspot mixing collection they have free this month
  5. JoeGBradford

    Wadorf LE

    Is the plugin actually worth the hassle of registration?
  6. Thanks Peter. Good to see you here. I thought you had come to tell people off 😉
  7. Ha what a coincidence I've just this minute finished watching that tutorial and like the look of that plug in too!
  8. Bought and downloaded. Sounds good 🙂
  9. Couldn't use points but at the price of a couple of pints thought it was still wort a shot 🙂
  10. Hopefully I can use my loyalty points on this and get it for my preferred price £0 😉
  11. Cheers Larry. Could be tempted. Wondering if there's any overlap with sounds available in AAS Swatches. Will have to compare preset lists
  12. Nope - another non Kontakt owner here 🙂
  13. Ah! Presumably they didn't want anyone getting owt for nowt as we say here in Yorkshire 🙂
  14. A few interesting collections there (though nothing essential) but it says in the email I was sent 'Discount codes or loyalty points cannot be used with this offer.'
  15. Sounds like an interesting one!
  16. JoeGBradford

    Wadorf LE

    It's not all bad but this certainly sounds dubious!
  17. JoeGBradford

    Wadorf LE

    Sounds like a no then!
  18. Recently had an issue with ST3. When I install it in a project and play a note on the keyboard I get a stuttering - if I close the project and then reopen it ST3 performs fine. Anyone had the same problem or can suggest a reason. At first I thought it must be a buffer issue but clearly not as it is fine on reopening the project. Thanks in advance for any advice
  19. With an attitude like that to people who are trying to help you don't be surprised if the friendly people here think twice before providing assistance. I have found everyone here patient and understanding even when I have asked what in other places may have been thought of as 'stupid' questions. There are no such questions here just the occasional ungrateful and thoughtless response from those who do not appreciate people taking time out to help Try again - we don't hold grudges 🙂
  20. A fascinating tutorial, Mike. The way the subtle use of different effects on the vocals built up to create a much fuller and pleasing sound was particularly interesting to me as someone who has very limited experience of using effects other than delay and reverb!
  21. Enjoyed your tutorial Pip. A good introduction for newbies. Looking forward to watching future episodes 🙂
  22. Just started mine - it said a day initially but within seconds went down to 23 minutes! I assume these are just maintenance updates - no new instruments or features?
  23. David's referring to the capital B's used for flats in the Ledger article I shared Larry not your post 🙂
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