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  1. Just downloading the Afro Cuban Sample pack - cheers Larry!
  2. Thanks for all the advice - I've had a good think and read around about this and decided to go for the external drive for now - simply because of ease of installing. If I am unhappy with the performance I can always pick up an internal drive - I imagine it will be quicker than my internal HDD anyway even though basic USB 3. I can then keep my HDD for games & other non critical applications / files until it dies
  3. Thanks for this - is the QVO a similar or better model to the EVO? Also how do I find if I have SATA 2 or 3 - I've looked in system spec but the only reference I'v seen to SATA is Standard SATA AHCI Controller which tells me nothing
  4. Just checked and I've had the 250gb Samsung 850 SSD as my system drive for over two years now and no problems at all (touch wood!) I'd be willing to trust a standard 860 as my data drive (backed up regularly of course!)
  5. Thanks that is helpful - given that I have a raft of cheap / free synths (as well as slightly more expensive orchestras) it seems that this is probably not worth the trouble
  6. Hi all - not sure this is in the best place but mods please feel free to move it! I am at the point where I am thinking of replacing my several years old 1Tb HDD for a SSD. My system drive (recently replaced) is a 250Gb Samsung Evo 850 I am wondering whether to go for an internal SATA drive or an external drive linked via USB 3 - I have two ports on my PC Chatting to a friend who knows more than I do about hardware he felt that there would be little difference in performance in similarly spec'd drives but I'd like the advice of those here who might have some experience of either option in terms of working with CbB and other music software and I'd prefer the external drive simply because it would save me messing about inside the PC but I don't want to suffer reduced performance in terms of sample loading / streaming. I could also then use the old HDD for less critical applications such as games until it dies I've been looking at the following drives - any advice would be gratefully received. I'm on Windows 10, i5 processor and 8Gb RAM. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-MZ-76E1T0B-EU-Solid-State/dp/B078WST5RK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-MU-PA1T0B-Portable-SSD-1TB/dp/B074M774TW I should add that I can get £40 cash back on external SSD so cost is less of an issue
  7. Although I set up a user account for myself I do use my admin account to run CbB and other software. I tend to only use the user account when accessing websites I'm not sure about eg when doing Google searches Perhaps I should review that although of course there is lots of stuff in my admin user area which I would have to transfer across
  8. Thanks for the explanation - very interesting
  9. It does seem a bit bizarre to have designed it only to run in Admin Mode. Out of interest though what issues does running in Admin Mode cause?
  10. Deleted a few paths and rescanned and now all instruments - including imports - appear to be loading correctly. Got there in the end! 🙂
  11. The joys of early adoption 😉
  12. Interesting that there is a 64 bit version - thought it was only 32 bit?
  13. Well apart from a crash when loading one of the patches 😩 had a successful play through - some nice sounds in there - the String Arp is instant Michael Nyman! Some good synth sounds and the drawbar organ is pretty cool too. Think I'll stick to ST 3 for my imported sounds and Syntronik for the moment though
  14. Thanks Pete - the authorisation worked this time! So I've got the ST 4 CS instruments - I'll try to work out what is wrong with the others - it may be incorrect paths or something as I seem to have ST instruments liberally scattered over both my drives!
  15. ......and it can't open the imported sounds either. I give up! Instrument ST4 Error. Cannot locate Tank at path 'F:/IK Multimedia/Samples/51 Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE/Miroslav Philharmonik 1/Choirs/Male Choirs/-Looped/Male Eh LP.pak'.
  16. Yep found all my imported sounds etc but the ST4 CS sounds have gone again! Not that I could play them anyway!
  17. I've opened a new project - I think I've found my Miroslav etc sounds as it's scanning them - not expecting the ST4 CS sounds to work though.......
  18. Now to cap it all I tried deleting the track then reinserting ST4 CS and doing a rescan - after a couple of instruments CbB crashed 🤬
  19. I'm beginning to think it's not worth it but will persevere - Vernon please let me know how you get on with support!
  20. But even then they don't work as locrian said earlier!! Looks like an email to support needed unless anyone has found a cure Never had this grief with any other software
  21. Also when you first go to use a sound you have to authorise those with the same serial number as you get for ST4 - as I have just discovered
  22. Maybe I need to drink some wine to get them back 😉 Going to have a break and just have a play the ST4 CS sounds for now
  23. Mmm - one step forward two backward. Larry was right - I had forgotten to set my path for the ST4 instruments - did that and rescanned and they are now there. Unfortunately my other imported and Syntronik instruments have now disappeared even though the paths are included in the paths list. Will keep trying!
  24. I have Miroslav 2CE and want to be able to import the sounds into the latest version of ST to avoid any obsolescence issues. I use the Miroslav module at the moment but have also imported the sounds into the free ST3. I'm also interested in trying some of the sounds that come with ST4 CS
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