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  1. Mmm - the elicenser is asking for a USB key when I try to register VSL Big Bang so no luck. I haven't bought anything associated with this elicenser so is that the problem - ie the elicencer has only been used to try to get Halion SE to work (unsuccesfully)

  2. If anyone does get Air Xpand 2 it might be worth being aware that it seems to prefer to sit on the system drive - may have just been a glitch on my PC but when I put it in my VSTi folder on my data drive it wouldn't work and I was advised to put it on C drive since when it has been fine. Hybrid is another good VSTi from the same stable but more suited to electronic music - can't remember if it is multi timbral

  3. This thread prompted to check out my copy of UVI Workstation in CbB

    Firstly I opened an existing project - the GUI keyboard worked but UVIW didn't respond to midi key presses from my controller - I tried playing the track directly and also via a midi track routed to UVIW - neither worked. I closed CbB  opened a new project and inserted a midi track & UVIW - again no response from UVIW. In both projects the midi meter was showing input from the controller. Very strange - any ideas?

    Also I looked to see if there was an update button anywhere on the UVIW VSTi or standalone and couldn't find one - how do you update to latest version? Mine is 3.0.0. I don't use it that often to be honest but it would be good to solve the problems and have the latest version.


  4. Thanks Noel - I use onboard sound as just a hobbyist and run the music I compose through my hifi attached to the PC (I know the more experienced users will squeal at me 😉 and I must admit that after playing some synths at a local shop through proper monitors I could definitely tell the difference! ) I'm currently using ASIO4All and have found that works as well as I need it to including in terms of latency. Would there be any specific advantages switching to WASAPI?

    Thanks again for all you guys are doing with Cakewalk - glad I stuck with my Sonar 8 LE over the years so I had a bit of an idea what I was doing when I came over!

  5. Thanks Jake for the excellent video - I've used Sonar 8LE and then Cakewalk by Bandlab for a while now but still consider myself a beginner - I hadn't fully grasped the usefulness of the multi dock until I saw the video so that was really helpful. Hope you'll consider doing some more. Agree with other commentators re speaking speed - I always used to find myself speaking too quickly when I gave presentations for work so maybe it is a similar phenomenon! Not a huge problem but if you can make it a little slower that would certainly help. Learned a lot in 10 minutes though!



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  6. This is interesting - when I used to use my APro 800 with Sonar 8LE I would occasionally get instances when the DAW wouldn't respond to controller midi - sometime keyboard, sometimes controls, sometimes both. Never did discover what the problem was but now thinking it may have been something similar. Haven't had that problem yet with CbB fortunately but possibly because I keep the controller plugged in all the time now!

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  7. I was going to recommend the Air products too - as you say if you can pick them up for a sensible price they are great tools - I particularly like Air Xpand 2 and have just picked up Loom 2. I got Vacuum Pro on an old Computer Music disc and picked up Hybrid for nothing or next to nothing - possibly as part of a PIB deal

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