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  1. I was going to suggest that one too. Mike's videos are excellent. Worth watching all of his Cakewalk ones
  2. Interesting to that Christian from Spitfire is behind Pianobook. I really like his videos. Are all the samples there Kontakt based? - I don't have full Kontakt so wouldn't be able to take advantage of them if so. Having said that I have just got Total Sampletank Max which has enough sounds for me to be getting on with
  3. oh I like that! Well done!
  4. JoeGBradford

    Celtic Fantasy

    Very nice - I'm a folk music enthusiast so good to hear!
  5. To be serious - I was fairly cynical initially and was hoping still to go on our holiday to southern Italy in early April - then I saw the coffins in Bergamo (a city I have visited and love) and realised how dreadful this thing is. Anyone suggesting that people should ignore the lockdown whilst the death rates are still rising is irresponsible at best and evil at worst. Stay safe everyone - this is a good community we have here and I don't want to lose anyone from it ❤️
  6. Nothing that a gargle of Domestos or Toilet Duck won't cure according to the Great Leader 😉
  7. I'm just waiting for you to mention the 5G connection 🙂
  8. There'll be an element of natural selection in this. Those of us who are able to and are sensible enough to stay locked down will live longer than those who choose to ignore lockdown. My heart is with those essential workers who are having to risk all to keep up fed and safe. Those who choose to ignore lockdown will have many of those people's blood on their hands. Fortunately in the UK most people are being sensible and although we have an appalling Government at least we don't have Trump spouting his mindless and dangerous drivel! Surely now people will get rid of him when they have the chance?!
  9. My biggest live music regret was going to see Genesis in Leeds rather than Pink Floyd at Manchester. Genesis were basically a pop band by then and only did a short four song medley of some of their classics 😞
  10. Good choice. I was listening to David Gilmour at Gdansk last night. Not sure I've seen this one. I've got the Pulse DVD - a different gig?
  11. Fitzroy - I don't understand what is 'meh' about helping the most disadvantaged in society? Unless of course you prefer not to?
  12. Without wishing to get too political, and not a comment on the legality or otherwise of JRR selling to the UK - I should mention that, unlike some others here, I have absolutely no problem in paying taxes - except that we have a very right wing Government in the UK (well not as right wing as in the US of course!) and some of my taxes tend to go towards making rich people even richer! So given this option to avoid VAT I took it knowing it would give me a little more money to put towards the causes I support which are helping the most disadvantaged in society. 🙂
  13. Thanks I'll give it a try! I assume I go in by clicking the Edit Config File button?
  14. I've been having some recent issues with crackling when playing VSTi's and have adjusted buffer size to no avail. My thread scheduling model is set to 1 - would setting it to 2 help? I have a quad core i5 2,500k at 3.3GHz & 8gb RAM What does the thread scheduling model do? Cheers
  15. Cheers Peter appreciate your presence here
  16. I've had a crash with ST4 in CbB when auditioning sounds. I'll see how it goes.....
  17. Yep if I hadn't got it for the cheaper price I probably wouldn't have bothered at the IK price - even with Jam Points it would have been around £150 - £160 and I was mainly interested in ST3 Max & Miroslav (I already have Miroslav CE)
  18. Ah I updated them anyway. No harm done presumably apart from the waste of even more time? 😉
  19. I battled with a 60Gb SSD on my PC - when SSD prices were crazy - so feel your pain. Another good clean up option is Wise Care 365 - it picks up stuff that Windows clean up doesn't. Good luck. I swapped my 60Gb drive out for a 256Gb a while ago and also recently installed a 1Tb external Samsung SSD (under USB 3) to replace my ageing 1Tb HDD.
  20. In terms of functionality / features does ST4 have significant benefits over ST3? I find its interface a bit more confusing but that's probably just because I am not used to it. Navigating to sounds seems easier with 4 but I think 3's interface is clearer - again may be just familiarity especially as I use Miroslav 2 more than ST
  21. Thanks but I checked that - in fact that's why I opened it to check it was authorised ok
  22. Just opened Amplitude stand alone and have got a high pitched whine like feedback from my speakers - I recall this happening in a lite version of an earlier incarnation - anyone have any ideas - I am using ASIO4All with an onboard soundcard - I would only ever use it as an effect for a VSTi Edit - if I turn the input right down it becomes silent
  23. That drives me nuts! Such a pain navigating to my data drive every time!
  24. A long day here too! Been on it for around 7 hours! Got the ST3, extra ST3 content, Miroslav & Syntronik stuff installed - though somehow I lost the the installers for the ST 3 main library and tried copying files myself - wasted about 1.5 hours doing that without success then found the installers further down my download folder - my fault - screwed up the unzipping but still bloody frustrating. A download and installation manager is desperately needed! I'm going to leave it until tomorrow to see if it all works - Syntronic & Philarmonik were looking ok earlier so fingers crossed now I've used the installers on ST main content it will be ok - I have around 26Gb of SampleTank main content - does that sound right? Off to watch a film so my eyes have a different focal length to work on!
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