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  1. I've got the latest versions of ST3 Custom Shop and TRackS 5 CS - I assume I don't need to download and install the versions registered with TS2 Max? Finally finished downloads of sounds - now for a day of unzipping 🙂
  2. Ah I see now - the instruments are still in the original folders but the samples have been moved 🙂
  3. Interesting! I didn't have the full ST2 just different libraries - eg SampleMoog, Syntronik that I bought in a deal and they still appear to be in their original folders - there are a few Imported Instruments folders around but they have nothing in them - I will look further in case the Imported Instruments are in another folder! I assume they have a different file type designation from the originals? Edit - ah found them now in the Sample Tank 3 folder rather than the higher level IK folder I was looking in! I'll move the originals onto another disc before deleting just to make sure nothing untoward happens! Thanks for the help
  4. I was certainly giving it some hammer last night until 2am! SampleTank soundsets and half of Miroslav so far downloaded so a fair way to go! Get on there before I get out of bed if you want to get in front of me 😉 It's taking around 10 - 20 mins for each 2 - 3gb zip file for me
  5. Thanks for the clarification Peter. Shame there are no new choirs but I suppose it is an orchestral instrument and I am certainly not complaining at this price
  6. Odd that although the choral instruments are mentioned in the early part of the instrument list there's no mention in the detail - is that because they're a bit iffy 😉
  7. Thanks Ryan - that is what I thought would be the case but didn't want to waste time
  8. On topic 😉 - Pete whilst you are here - do you know if any of the sound packs for Miroslav 2 are identical to those in Miroslav 2 CE which I already have installed - just to save me some time if possible 🙂
  9. Rob (Amicus) - your stuff is amazing! Going to be listening to a lot of these!
  10. Nice piece! Know what you mean about the sound though - yours sounds much better than the little I have composed but, as you say, it still has that unrealistic sound even though you have some great libraries
  11. I've just cloned my original HDD 1Tb data drive to a Samsung 1Tb external SSD connected by USB 3.1 (the slow version originally known as 3.0) and it appears to be working as we if not better. Just installing IK Total Max 2 onto the SSD so hoping it'll continue to perform ok. I would have installed an internal SSD but bottled it!
  12. It might be worth watching some of the Spitfire videos, especially the ones about the BBC SO VSTi - I've found those interesting
  13. This is a really interesting thread. I've only got Garritan PO and am just in the process of upgrading from Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE to the full 2 thanks to the current IK Total Max 2 deal but there are a lot of interesting tips and ideas here so thanks everyone
  14. Thanks for fixing the link Pete. Glad you and the team in Italy are ok
  15. Pete - thanks for the comments above but that link to the ST editor you posted just takes you to a blank page. Not downloaded that yet so not sure what it does - is it for editing samples in the soundpacks?
  16. Let me know how you get on if you beat me to it and I'll do likewise 🙂
  17. Thanks - I'll have a look at this once I've got all the new stuff installed - I could always just move the old ST2 files and see if that causes any issue before deleting them. I'd already imported my ST2 files first into ST3 and then into ST4 when I got the CS version so they seem to be working ok after a bit of a fiddle
  18. Yeah - I'm just over half way through downloading the ST3 sounds - lots more PITA to come! 😉 I bet they announce the download / install assistant just when I get finished! I seem to have several ST and Miroslav sound installations on my discs - one day I must work out which are the right ones! By the way - I have a lot of ST2 imported sounds too in ST3 and 4 - does the import process create a new copy of the sounds - that could be one of my issues
  19. The deed is done from JRR - £105! Thanks for the help guys - I was a bit nervous about it accepting the crossgrade but all seemed to go smoothly. Just had to spend a bit of time reorganising my drives to make room for it all on my new 1Tb SSD. No doubt there will be the usual IK fun and games getting it to work but I'm used to that now! See you in a week when it has all finished downloading!
  20. Ah thanks - I got 5 euro of jam points when I registered Vintage Tube Compressor that I got from Computer Music so presumably that triggers the cross grade
  21. Yes it is the VAT that is causing the issue here. On the crossgrade page it has this in red for me. 'To qualify for a Crossgrade to another product, you must be registered with a paid version of another IK Multimedia product over $/€ 99 or higher.'
  22. Ah just noticed the IK shop price is exclusive of VAT which takes it up to 215 euro - so I am not sure that is a crossgrade price after all as I don't have any products that cost me more than 99 euro
  23. Just wondering how the £ - euro or dollar conversion plus paypal fees will work out
  24. I've got ST3 LE with loads of imported ST2 instruments - are most of the ST3 instruments new? I've also got Miroslav 2CE so will have to see how much else I would get with the full Miroslav. Seems a good deal and I could use about £60 of Jam Points on it to get it for around £120. Not sure I can justify it though just had two holidays cancelled so could treat myself to this instead!
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