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  1. Ah right thanks - just as well I asked! Yep crazy! I wondered why I had so many! Didn't even know what they were for until tonight - and still not sure I entirely understand - they seem to be a sort of building block of code to simplify developers' programming? Thanks for the help again!
  2. Thanks - just a bit concerned that the Major Geeks link is a couple of years old so I might be better updating from the MS site even if it is a bit longer? I could then check version no to see if they are up to date presumably Edit - I updated the 2017 - 2019 one and noticed it leaves the old ones behind - presumably I can now safely uninstall those?
  3. Thanks Bob. There's one there so I'll install it next time I'm on the PC Fingers crossed!
  4. Thanks for the offer but I'll stick with onboard for now. I don't do any live recording just use VSTi's and as I say space is an issue re accomodating monitors as well as my hifi speakers. I've kept an eye on the RAM usage and nothing untoward there - using about 47 - 49 % throughout including around time of crashes. Had one a couple of minutes after going back in then just (!) one more in last couple of hours. Got through to Z in the end! I'll see how it performs in more normal use. If it continues to crash regularly I'll raise a support ticket with IK. I did send an earlier crash file in a message to Pete after he offered to help but he may not have seen it I'll definitely look at WASAPI again though and try to get it to work!
  5. Cheers both I was just starting to feel comfortable that I wasn't going to have a crash with the VST2 when - bang - there she goes! I was wondering if it was a memory issue too - I'll check out Task Manager to see if there is a clue there as it is the problem definitely is only with loading instruments.Once I've been through these (I'm nearly up to T of the main ST3 sounds though still got add ons to listen to!) it might settle down in more normal usage To be honest I have had very few problems with ASIO4All and I've been using it for years - though I am having a problem with Union synth and occasionally ST3 /Miroslav jittering (doesn't seem to be an issue in ST4 so far fingers crossed). I'll explore other options if the current issues persist Thanks again!
  6. I have removed the VST 3 file from the scanned folder and kept it safe. First bit of good news is that the VST2 version of ST4 has kept the 'favourites' I have marked - presumably the record of those must be kept in a file accessed by both versions - that's a relief. Now to see how it goes.................. Thanks again everyone! I'll be back to report on progress!
  7. Matthew - just checked my system build - it is Win 10 Home 1909 so presumably up to date - I always install updates except the occasional optional one
  8. Thanks everyone - I'll try out your suggestions. I should have added I am using the onboard sound card which is why I am using ASIO4All. I'm just a hobbyist so I can't really justify the cost of a sound interface and monitors - I wouldn't have room for monitors anyway alongside the hi fi speakers I am currently using for everything (I know you shouldn't use hifi for sound production but as I say I am just doing this for my own entertainment 🙂 ) Another question - I've spent several hours going through the sounds and identifying my favourites - I assume I'd lose these if I use the VST2 version or reinstall?
  9. Sorry guys looks like it was a limited offer - if I had realised that I'd have put a caveat up
  10. I've listened to it. Some excellent atmospheric sounds in there. The Tundra isn't really the city. London Atmospheric was that and that was also superb. - they do interesting and usable stuff with the raw material. A lot better than some of the stuff I've paid for in the past. The installation is clearly a problem for some unfortunately but I've only had one instance of that. A small price to pay for what you get
  11. Much appreciated. I did wonder if it was worth trying the VST2 version. I'll look at that tomorrow. I noticed today the tick box to untick if we want VST 2 versions to be shown in VST lists. Is there a way of just allowing ST 4 VST 2 to be shown otherwise I'll have a plethora of duplicate VSTs in my list. Also noted Matthew's helpful comments re graphics card conflicts in that thread you copied in Thanks again!
  12. I only have Synthmaster Player so maybe it was a tempter to upgrade?
  13. 9.04 am British Summer time today - first time I had seen any mention of it!
  14. Hi all I mentioned this in the Deals forum but as that's not really the place for discussion in more detail but I've been having frequent problems with ST4 crashing whilst loading sounds. I'm working through the new sounds I got as part of the IK Total Deal a week or so ago to determine which I want to favourite and around once an hour or so CbB crashes when loading a sound. I can restart CbB and load the same sound without a problem. Has anyone had similar problems? Is it likely to be related to me loading lots of different sounds after each other? I've attached screen grab and crash dump I'm using Windows 10 8Gb RAM i5 processor Thanks for any help! Sampletank 4_04292020_165424.dmp
  15. No code in the email but when I went to the site from the email it was automatically applied Wondering if I shouldn't have been so hasty and got the Floyd / Genesis expansion.......
  16. I've picked up the Pink Floyd expansion LAST 2 DAYS for Spring Sale, Use Your $9 Credit Now! Dear We hope that you are safe at home, and spending quality time by making music! As you might know, It's the LAST 2 DAYS of our Spring Sale. If you were considering upgrading/crossgrading to different products, or planning on purchasing SynthMaster/SynthMaster Player preset banks ($9 each!), now is the perfect time: Don't miss out! As a small gift from KV331 Audio, we are also giving you $9 Credit Coupon, with which you can get a FREE expansion or upgrade to any of our following products and make music at home! https://www.synthmaster.com/synthmasterexpansions.aspx
  17. Yeah I got several emails from Loopmasters/PIB and it was also on their FB page
  18. Don't want to speak too soon but setting it to 2 seems to have helped in Sampletank based instruments. Will try Union tomorrow which was the other VSTi I was having issues with
  19. I've noticed this behaviour too - I've got a quad core and they are leaping around like crazy - don't remember that happening before!
  20. Very nice it is too - one of the best I reckon 🙂
  21. Hate to say it but seems ok for me too! You'll have to keep quiet until after you download next time Larry as we all just pile in there once you tell us 😉
  22. There's lots more to go at but best to focus on a few instruments to start with otherwise you'll be overwhelmed - I know I still am 😉
  23. Check out these free sample sets / instruments Also DSK make some ok orchestral and other free VSTis https://professionalcomposers.com/best-free-orchestral-sample-libraries/
  24. JoeGBradford

    Sample packs

    If you want to play samples in a midi track you need a sampler or use a virtual instrument which already contains samples of the kind you need I'm not an expert on samplers so others may be able to help better in respect to that. I just use virtual instruments and audio loops there are plenty of free ones around
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