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  1. I mentioned earlier that I thought the Freeware threads should be stickies. I think it might be worth the mods reconsidering this?
  2. Vacuum Pro and Hybrid playing fine here!
  3. I'll check out Vacuum Pro. Not had a problem with that previously but we'll see!
  4. The first thing I did was increase my buffer size ie increased latency but that didn't solve it. The same thing occasionally happens in Sampletank and related VSTis but not in any others. There doesn't appear to be an issue with CPU performance looking at the meters in CbB and Task Manager. My only other thought is that I transferred all my VSTs and their libraries to an external SSD and wondering if the USB 3.1 (old 3.0) transfer is too slow though I understood that it shouldn't really be any slower than when they were on my internal HDD
  5. I can't get it to stop crackling after loading a few presets and got no response from support so haven't bothered with it much. Seems a bit clinical sounding for me anyway
  6. Dodged a friendly bullet there. Thanks Matthew!
  7. I should mention it's a while since I've had a crash now. I don't think I have had one since I finished going through the ST3 sounds and moved on to the 'extras' and Syntronik Of course I have probably just tempted fate!
  8. Phew that all sounds a bit complicated! They should really work seamlessly together. A bit of a rewrite required for IK I think!
  9. I've just been looking at Syntronik and ST4 this afternoon and was pleased that the FX rack was the same in both Trying to decide if there any advantages to using the Syntronik interface apart from the text being clearer? I must find those multis tomorrow!
  10. I haven't tried recording with the Strat or Acoustic Amplesound models I got quite recently but I've just opened a project with the Strat in it and it seems to be playing fine and I'm on Windows 10 1909 so I don't think it is specifically a Win 10 issue
  11. Don't worry Einstein - most of us knew you were making a reasonable suggestion and not knocking Cakewalk. I think abacab above expands well and with more knowledge on the issue I raised about the complexities of bundling other software. There are a lot more tutorial videos around now and I'd particularly point newbies to Mike's tutorials at Creative Sauce and I'm glad to see you're contributing to the tutorial base coming from a different angle. These forums are also a great place for people to learn about Cakewalk of cours. I spend more time on here than making music!
  12. I really like it - a huge range of sounds which can be stacked up to four parts. Some really nice arpeggios and sequences. A bit picky about where it has to be installed - I was advised by Air to store it on my system drive when it wouldn't work from data drive. Probably one of the synths I go to most for a bit of inspiration. It's often on sale at around £15 or less - I might have even got it free I can't remember - so don't pay too much for it. I have their Hybrid, Vacuum Pro and Loom 2 as well and would say I'm a satisfied customer. I should add that I am very much a hobbyist so other might be best to advise if the quality of sounds are high enough for more professional use! I've not really used TTS 1 as I have so many cheap or free synths that appear to be better - also I had a long running problem where TTS 1 refused to open so I gave up with it - I think that was on my old Sonar 8 LE / Music Studio though rather than CbB
  13. Thanks for that very interesting! I've not got round to Syntronik yet though I already had Memory V and Syntronik Free. Been enjoying the Orchestral and Cinematic Percussion this afternoon (though my neighbours probably haven't 😉 )
  14. Perhaps it's an installer that works every time 😉
  15. I agree it would be nice to have more included content in Cakewalk but these things (most of which I have) are relatively easy to find - there are even threads on one of the sub forums here for free instruments and effects - perhaps they should be pinned by a mod to to the top of that sub forum so people can find them easily On balance though I would rather the focus continued to be on making the operation of CbB stable, intuitive and feature rich rather than bundling other instruments. I'm not sure whether that would work commercially anyway It will be interesting to hear what others think about this
  16. I tried installing Halion free a few months back to get a free glockenspiel! Never did get the licencing to work and it really wasn't worth the hassle. I've found some decent accordions in the SampleTank 3 sounds in my trawl through them all. Not cheap / free of course but there are quite a few decent other folkie instruments in there. Sadly no duduk though - I do have a few of those in imported ST 2 expansions but was hoping for a new one. I certainly don't need all their hundreds of drum kits and basses and more folkie instruments would have been nice instead
  17. How did I guess that Matthew would probably win the prize. 🙂 Thanks! I must admit I had never heard of SQ Lite before. On that note what is the best programme to open .dmp files with - I tried notepad but got gobbledegook I should just say again that I hugely appreciate all of your help here - this is a really great community
  18. It's pretty critical whatever it is as when I tried to manually install the sounds it was that one it couldn't find and thus load the sounds
  19. One thing that is a bit frustrating is that when ST4 has crashed and I reopen the project the ST4 gui isn't shown and when it opens it defaults to the ST4 CS instruments rather than the ST3 instruments (or other) I'm working through. Is this something I can alter? Not an issue with other plugins as far as I can recall
  20. The first person to find them wins a prize! A simplified, streamlined IK installation 😉
  21. Thanks Mike. Will watch that this afternoon
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