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  1. GOSPEL EBX THE HOLY GRAIL OF BASSES. Bass, presets and MIDI – all tailored for gospel perfection. https://www.toontrack.com/product/gospel-ebx/
  2. Lo-fi Wurlitzer just $1.00 (full version on Kontakt required) https://gumroad.com/l/fXWmN
  3. Question: What essential element of music production is the new NI/Izotope merger missing? Answer: They will seek to acquire a DAW to complete their ecosystem.
  4. Just saw this in Reddit too
  5. Yes! I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Falcon expansion that wasn’t on sale. I’ll wait for the next 50% on expansions sale.
  6. Agreed - hard to beat last month’s freebie of Objeq Delay! I managed to pick it up spending only $3..86 by using loyalty points.
  7. For those looking for a good variety of “Hey!” shouts and more, the free “Indie Voices“ library might be just what the doctor ordered. The one caveat is that it does require the full version of Kontakt.
  8. The retail box shown in the product advertisement is quite large. You would think that it would include multiple types of “Heys!”
  9. I’m feeling the same way. I love a good Bossa but keeping up with a Guaguancó gives me a panic attack.
  10. New Latin jazz midi packs for EZdrummer, EZkeys, and EZbass... https://www.toontrack.com/news/three-new-midi-packs/
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that you can authorize your 6 midi packs one at a time. That way you can save serial numbers for future midi packs that haven’t been released yet.
  12. Yes - I also jumped on this one. Best Service used to have the lowest prices on Toontrack midi 6 packs, but they are now selling them for $20 more than Time+Space. EZX 3 packs are also $30 cheaper at T+S. Not sure why this is. I keep thinking that the day is coming when Time+Space will raise their prices to match the rest of the market. Perhaps they will get reprimanded by ToonTrack for selling their products on the cheap!
  13. Nice! There is an internal logic to doubling down on delays!
  14. Does anyone have experience with freebies ceasing to be free and becoming paid products? Does it makes sense to always get free products listed in your account just in case?
  15. I bought the Hammersmith Pro several years back. Technically it is a very good piano. It has a great selection of microphones and lots velocity layers. That said, I never connected with the overall tone of the piano. To my ears it sounds a bit clinical. My current go to pianos are the Garritan Yamaha CFX and the Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D Steinway. The Garritan CFX is fantastic with essentially no flaws. I also love the rich warm tone of Embertone Steinway, but it needs a top notch computer system to take advantage of all of its 36 layers with round robin samples.
  16. 20% off individual drum MIDI packs, EZkeys MIDI packs, EZmix packs and EZkeys Sound Expansions – all February!* https://www.toontrack.com/new-year-new-gear/
  17. Thanks Larry! The voucher worked great. That was an important tip about removing freebies from your cart. Looks like a very cool plugin.
  18. With the $25 voucher code, Massive and Massive X expansion packs are just 4$ each! I just bought 3 Massive X expansion packs. (Note that all of the Massive X expansions are included in Komplete 13. I’m not planning on upgrading until Komplete 14 comes out but I wanted these expansions now)
  19. This time last year Studio Orchestral Percussion was on sale for $98. This is looking very attractive at just $38. Does anyone who owns it care to comment on it?
  20. Scott H

    EzDrummer 2.2.1

    You are right. No major improvement with this update. That said, it is always a good sign to see continuous improvement on a product. I would guess that a resizable interface for EZ Drummer 2 would be a significant amount of work. All of the cool artwork shown in the EZX expansions are bit maps that would probably need to be redone.
  21. Thanks Simeon! I was able to use the code that you provided on the Spitfire website without having to register for NAMM.
  22. PX Memories - ANALOG PERFECTED Based on the definitive LAMM mod analog synthesizer Massive sounds with true hardware analog unison Explore hundreds of custom designed presets and create your own Intro Price $49 https://www.uvi.net/px-memories
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