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  1. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. - The groove of gospel and the finesse of fusion – combined! https://www.toontrack.com/product/gospel-fusion-midi/
  2. Spitfire Albion Tundra 40% off for a limited time. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/albion-tundra/
  3. 30% Off Everything until August 31st https://www.acousticsamples.net
  4. Scott H

    Larry, where you at!

    Yes, definitely not the same without Larry.
  5. https://www.uvi.net/store UVI Summer Sale 25% Off Storewide
  6. Following up on their recent Extreme Ensemble 10 Guitars… Discount entry price of $50, regularity $125. https://8dio.com/products/extreme-electric-bass-ensemble
  7. I sure hope the game includes lawn mowing accidents to allow for at least a modicum of excitement. Green and red together are my favorite colors.
  8. How does this work? When your year is up, do you lose access to everything?
  9. EZKeys sound expansion packs are on sale at Thomann for only $36! https://www.thomannmusic.com/toontrack_ezkeys_sound_expansion.htm
  10. I ended up making a pig of myself! I got Cinematic Pads, Cinematic Frozen Strings, Intimate Strings, and Felt Piano. Be sure to put everything you want into one singular order. You only get one bite at the apple. The discount code only works once.
  11. I'm a first time purchaser and the code works for me. You might try it just to see if it works for you too. Does anyone know when this sale expires? Is it a one day sale?
  12. This might help. You may end up getting both!
  13. It’s awfully lame that Spitfire is shutting out long time customers from a nice discount! That said, I’ve never purchased anything from Spitfire so l’m very excited to see this sale. I don’t own a felt piano yet. Frozen strings sounds amazing. Which of these libraries do people think are the best or most useful?
  14. EZbass MIDI inspired by the pop wave of the 1960s. https://www.toontrack.com/product/sixties-pop-ezbass-midi/
  15. Oh yes, I can remember the eager excitement of diving into my first computer build in the late 90's. When I installed the motherboard in the case, I forgot to first attach the small brass standoff screws to the motherboard. All of the motherboard circuitry was in direct contact with the metal case. This proved to be very exciting when I first powered it up. I can assure you, it was not the smell of victory.
  16. Bapu - Do you own the entire Toontrack catalog at this point?
  17. Big Stage EZX - Four kits recorded in a massive mid-1800s theater auditorium. https://www.toontrack.com/product/big-stage-ezx/
  18. Scott H

    EZ Bass MIDI 6 Pack

    I bought the EZBass midi 6 pack with Thomann today. I received the email with my serial numbers in under 30 seconds. I've got my sights on Urban Jazz and Detroit Soul for my first two midi packs.
  19. Scott H

    EZ Bass MIDI 6 Pack

    Thanks for the update. Is that from Thomann?
  20. Scott H

    EZ Bass MIDI 6 Pack

    Yes, it is great to see that someone has filled the void left by the loss of Time+Space.
  21. Scott H

    EZ Bass MIDI 6 Pack

    Thomann is selling the EZBass midi 6 pack for $89 https://www.thomannmusic.com/toontrack_ezbass_midi_6_pack_bundle.htm
  22. Perhaps this creates a bit of competition for Toontrack's EZKeys. Maybe it is the kick the pants needed to get them going on EZKeys2!
  23. I own SD3 and I didn't get one either. I suspect it is because I don't buy Toontrack stuff directly from Toontrack. I think the discount is meant to soften the sting of paying big money for their premier drum product only to now discover that SD3 is, in several significant ways, second rate to their discount program EZDrummer 3
  24. I'm on the fence with EZDrummer 3. I own both EZDrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3, along with several SDX's and many EZX's. I put together my list of reasons for and against purchasing EZD3: I did a quick test comparing the new drum sounds in EZD3 verses what I already own. I have sets that sound nearly identical to all the new EZD3 kits. For example the Decades Tight Pop Toweled Kit is a dead ringer for the EZD3 Tight Pop Kit. Both are dry Ludwig "Hollywood" kits. The included "2,500 New midi files" sound interesting, but in reality I would have no interest in many of the included genres . I'm also sure that much of the included midi is somewhat basic, similar to the midi in EZDrummer 2. I already have a great functional grid editor with SD3 Bandmate. Some very cool stuff here! It remains to be seen how useful it really is. Looking at past releases, I'm estimating 3 years before the release of Superior Drummer 3. When SD3 is released it will incorporated everything good about EZD3 and then some. I think I'm going to pass on the discounted EZD3 upgrade for now. I'll wait to hear the reviews. That said, I can't promise I won't have a moment of weakness between now and Tuesday's release...
  25. Whoops! Apologies for the double posting.
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