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  1. And yet here you are checking the site within just a few minutes of it being back online.
  2. Whew! I’m glad that’s over with. That’s the first time in a long time that I’ve gone over 24 hours without a Deals Form dopamine hit. I woke up this morning with a sore mouth from grinding my teeth all night.
  3. I’ve been eyeballing the Signature Edition all week for $300 on Plug-in Boutique. At $142.50 it was impossible to resist. Except for the free LA2A, I have no previos UAD bundles or plugins. The authorization code just worked fine for me. Everything is registered in my account. This deal is astonishing! I still have goosebumps!
  4. UVI CINEMATIC WEEK! 50% OFF! https://www.uvi.net/cinematic-week
  5. UPDATE: I tried again using the same email as my IK account (a yahoo email). I also clicked the box to receive promotions which I didn't do the first time around. It worked!!! I got my code!!!
  6. The site accepted my email, then said I was registered and should expect and email to download the plugin and then.... Nothing! - No email from them, not in Spam folder or anywhere. Boooooo!!!
  7. Scott H

    UAD LA-2A Free!

    Super sweet freebie! I haven't listened to it yet, but I like the resizable UI. Thanks for posting Larry!!!!!!
  8. Does it make any sense to get Synth Anthology if you already have Vintage Vault?
  9. I’ll never buy another Waves plug-in.
  10. Does anyone know if IK still charges you extra to download you purchases after 180 days? Thanks!
  11. BTW - Bapu, eat this...... Installed!
  12. New from Toontrack is the SOUL ROADS EKX - A GO-TO SOUL STAPLE. Two instruments, MIDI and mix-ready presets. The entire scope of soul, embodied in one EKX for EZkeys 2. https://www.toontrack.com/product/soul-roads-ekx/ And for those who have previous EZkeys 1 sound expansion serial numbers squirrelled away, your old serial codes work for the new expansions!!!! I had an old code I bought for $35 over a year ago. The Toontrack project manager accepted it just fine. You might want to use your old serial codes before they correct/change this policy.
  13. Thanks! I’ve got two copies now! I guess I should learn how to use it.
  14. Last minute I picked up the Lindell Neve 80 Series channel strip for $20. Unfortunately I had no extra vouchers. I’ve always wanted a vintage Neve channel strip, but I haven’t been willing to sell my first born to Softube to get a good one. The Lindell Neve plugin appears to be excellent.
  15. No offence to Michael Ilbert, but both EXZ cover designs are super cheesy. Looks like a Swede's clichéd view of LA. I don't really want to load them into Superior Drummer and have to look at them on the room banners. That said, of course it is the sounds that matter.
  16. If you own Little Plate, then SuperPlate is only $39. If like me, you were lucky enough to get the free promo version of Little Plate years ago, the upgrade is still only $39!
  17. If you are over 50, then you likely desperately need this upgrade. On my new monitor, even with my best reading glasses, I can barely see the text on EXKeys 1. I’ m all in on EXKeys 2. I play piano, but I enjoy hearing rhythm options that I would not necessarily have come up with on my own. Also I get a lot of benefit out of EZkeys as a song writing tool.
  18. The 10% sale is meant to weed out the noobies and the weak minded. Battle hardened veterans will of course wait for the right moment to strike.
  19. I have a prediction. Falcon 2 is already at version 2.8. In 4-6 months, UVI will release Falcon 3 which will include all of the effects above that are currently missing from Falcon 2.
  20. New Superior Drummer SDX from Toontrack! STOCKHOLM SDX - CAPITAL CREATIVITY. Five kits, straight from one of the top pop metropolises of the world – to your desktop! https://www.toontrack.com/product/stockholm-sdx/
  21. I'm sure that someone is overjoyed by these two midi pack options, but having listened to the samples, I'm not feeling it.
  22. Outstanding mistake! Big Band is about as far away as you can get on the musical spectrum from Hardcore Metal. Somebody is playing a joke on you guys!
  23. Scott H

    EZkeys2 !!!!!

    EZkeys 1 is on sale at Best Service for $138.98. With the current $20 Easter savings the total is only $118. 98. You of course get the free upgrade when EZkeys 2 comes out. In essence you get EZkeys 2 and one free instrument extension of your choice for $119!
  24. Scott H

    EZkeys2 !!!!!

    FYI - "oriental" is used to describe carpets, etc. "Asian" is used to describe people
  25. Scott H

    EZkeys2 !!!!!

    Looks great! The only thing I’m a disappointed about is that EXkeys 2 doesn’t have a way to switch to Roman numeral analysis view.
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