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  1. It's not your motion in the ocean, its the size of your hard drive that counts.
  2. Is the $299 price showing for a new copy of Vintage Vault or for an upgrade from a previous version?
  3. I'm getting an upgrade price of $149. Perhaps this is because I was able to snag a free copy of Prime 8 back in November.
  4. Not to gloat, but in the January sale I bought 3 Falcon expansions for 50% off and was able to use my loyalty voucher on top of that. It felt a little extravagant at the time, but looking back, it was the right move.
  5. Gosh! I am getting old. I need to keep up on my microgenres! From Wikipedia... Synthwave (also called outrun, retrowave, or futuresynth) is an electronic music microgenre that is based predominantly on the music associated with action, science-fiction, and horror film soundtracks of the 1980s. Other influences are drawn from the decade's art and video games. Synthwave musicians often espouse nostalgia for 1980s culture and attempt to capture the era's atmosphere and celebrate it. The genre developed in the mid-to late 2000s through French house producers, as well as younger artists who were inspired by the 2002 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  6. Doesn't seem to be working. The site takes my email and then says "Opssss! there is an error."
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you may have to be on the mailing list to get the freebie.
  8. Looks cool. I will check it out.
  9. Bonus points to whoever can tell which DAW that is on her laptop. Looks a bit like Studio One Version 2.0 to me.
  10. Move the decimal point two places to the right...
  11. Scott H

    AAS Annual Freebie

    Picked up Cardinals, a Simon Stockhausen pack for Chromaphone.
  12. What's up with WUP? Waves always wants me to upgrade my plugins. The cost of the upgrade is typically just a few dollars short of the new product (on sale) price, and yet the upgrade doesn't appear to offer any new features. I use Widows and not Apple so I can't see any reason to upgrade. Is WUP a scam?
  13. Yes, this is the first Toontrack holiday week where I haven’t purchased anything. The “Detroit Soul” Ezkeys midi was actually a good offering, but I already own it.
  14. Scott H

    Spitfire Xtended Vox

    If I ever have a project to score a haunted house or an insane asylum movie, I now know where to go to get my sounds...
  15. How many years do I have to wait before this becomes $29.95?
  16. My first thought as well, although I'm not completely sold on Fluidity. The presets sound a bit like Atmospherics overlaid with a bunch gurgling water sounds.
  17. I lost and couldn’t even see what I was trying to win. This is some serious marketing bs…
  18. Similar to the past few years, I would expect a few more Toontrack deals on Cyber Monday
  19. You need to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the heavily discounted stuff.
  20. I just discovered their Off-World string instrument. It is crazy unique and emotive. Not sure what I would use it for, but I want it!
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