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  1. Legend has it that there was a mythic figure named Larry who at one time frequented these forums. The old tales describe an ancient shaman who was rumored to be a prodigious finder of almost supernatural deals. But that was such a long time ago. Nobody believes those old stories anymore...
  2. All Ample Sound instruments and bundles are reduced by 20% until August 19th. Combine this with the current $30 off promo from Best Service and you have a pretty good deal! https://www.bestservice.com/deals/ample_sound_summer_sale_3415.html
  3. Thanks - I've also been a loyal customer for years. I'll give it a try but rest assured I won't mention your name.
  4. I have a total of $148 in my cart. Are you saying that if I contact Best Service they might get me over the hump to $149?
  5. The short answer is yes, the Canterbury can definitely sparkle - Both the Canterbury and the Scarbee can be drastically changed by the presets and settings. Here is a quick comparison between the Canterbury Suitcase and the Scarbee 88 with brighter settings playing a bit of Toontrack midi. One nice thing about Canterbury is that the presets are divided up between "Clean", "Dirty" and "Experimental". Both are great Rhodes libraries. Canterbury vs Scarbee 88.wav 1 - Canterbury - "A Good Start" preset 2 - Scarbee 88 - "A Warm & Crispy Pan" preset (I turned down the vibrato some for an even comparison)
  6. €/$ 30 discount on every purchase from €/$ 149 €/$ 100 discount on every purchase from €/$ 499 https://www.bestservice.com/deals/subscribe_and_save_promotion_3403.html *You must be subscribed to their newsletter of sign up for the newsletter to get the discount
  7. The original complaints about the hiss were in July of 2020. It looks like the update claiming to have fixed the hiss was in October 2020. I haven't pulled the trigger on purchasing the Famous E yet so I can't verify any of this. I'm only sharing what little information you can glean from the internet.
  8. Scarbee’s earlier A200 is 850 MB. The Classic EP-88S is 5.6 GB with 30 velocity layers. To my ears the Classic EP88 sounds better. More importantly, provided you have a fast computer, it plays way better! That said, I use the Soniccouture Canterbury Suitcase most often. It seems to have more grit than the Classic EP88. Most of the current Rhodes releases are all quite good. It really comes down to personal taste. It’s fun to have many flavors!
  9. Apparently the Famous E hiss has been fixed. See the post below.. https://vi-control.net/community/threads/the-famous-e-electric-piano-available-now-from-orange-tree-samples.95739/page-2
  10. Do you have both? I own the Scarbee Classic EP, and like it a lot. It is light years beyond the older Scarbee vintage keys included in Native Instruments Komplete. I haven't completed my Orange Tree group buy yet because I'm still on the fence with the Famous E. It does sound really good in the demos and I'm feeling like I must have it. That said, what would my wife say if she were to find out that I own five Rhodes libraries and I just bought a 6th. Arggg, what to do......
  11. 50% off on SCARBEE CLASSIC EP-88S and MATRIX EXPANSION https://scarbee.com/?omnisendContactID=5fd9bd7e4572ea4746d84db3
  12. Midi pack addiction is no laughing mater. As of late, I've been living on the street breaking into cars and robbing tourists to support my midi pack habit. I would then resell old or substandard midi packs to go buy more midi packs! One midi pack is too much and 1000 isn't enough. Hell, I really need to quit this lifestyle...
  13. For those of you that bought the Famous E Electric Piano, how does it compare to other high quality Rhodes libraries like Scarbee’s Classic EP-88S or Soniccouture’s Canterbury Suitcase? I own both of these which are great in different ways. The Classic-EP-88s samples are super clean and refined (although you can dirty the sound up nicely). The Canterbury Suitcase has a rawness and realism that is also very compelling. Orange Tree’s Famous E presets sound like they perhaps have more emphasized bell tones. I wish there was a video of all the presets like other Orange Tree products. I have to say, I’m feeling itchy to also own the Famous E.
  14. Just reached 1,250 people for a 55% discount!
  15. I keep my ILok software up to date and I’ve had zero issues. Updating has not been a problem.
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