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  1. I own SD3 and I didn't get one either. I suspect it is because I don't buy Toontrack stuff directly from Toontrack. I think the discount is meant to soften the sting of paying big money for their premier drum product only to now discover that SD3 is, in several significant ways, second rate to their discount program EZDrummer 3
  2. I'm on the fence with EZDrummer 3. I own both EZDrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3, along with several SDX's and many EZX's. I put together my list of reasons for and against purchasing EZD3: I did a quick test comparing the new drum sounds in EZD3 verses what I already own. I have sets that sound nearly identical to all the new EZD3 kits. For example the Decades Tight Pop Toweled Kit is a dead ringer for the EZD3 Tight Pop Kit. Both are dry Ludwig "Hollywood" kits. The included "2,500 New midi files" sound interesting, but in reality I would have no interest in many of the included genres . I'm also sure that much of the included midi is somewhat basic, similar to the midi in EZDrummer 2. I already have a great functional grid editor with SD3 Bandmate. Some very cool stuff here! It remains to be seen how useful it really is. Looking at past releases, I'm estimating 3 years before the release of Superior Drummer 3. When SD3 is released it will incorporated everything good about EZD3 and then some. I think I'm going to pass on the discounted EZD3 upgrade for now. I'll wait to hear the reviews. That said, I can't promise I won't have a moment of weakness between now and Tuesday's release...
  3. Whoops! Apologies for the double posting.
  4. Join our very own Rikk Currence live on YouTube and get a complete walkthrough of the program from start to finish. April 29, 2022 | 1:00 PM Central Time (USA) | 20:00 CET (Europe). https://www.toontrack.com/ezdrummer-3-live-walkthrough/
  5. I'm curious how the "fully scalable and resizable graphical user interface" works with the previous EZX graphics.
  6. New from UVI - Soul Drums! - Intro Price $99 Modern instrument design with authentic 1960s/1970s heritage Deeply recorded and edited, immediate and inspiring sound Highly versatile, comprehensive mix and tone controls https://www.uvi.net/soul-drums
  7. I've been coveting all these new EZBass midi packs, but holding off until the EZBass midi 6 pack is released. If others weren't so eager to pay nearly full price for these individual packs, we might see the release of the 6 pack sooner. 😉
  8. The manual says that there is "built in drop out protection to handle the large samples"...
  9. It's curious that the marketing video doesn't play even a single fart. I need to know that these are high quality farts before I throw down my hard earned cash!
  10. Found this image of the seven drum kits included in EZD3. It looks like it might not be completely accurate. From the promo page, we know that one of the kits is a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Mable and another is a Gretsch USA Custom. Not sure what other 5 kits are.
  11. Given that EZD3 is being released this year, I am going to forecast that there is a zero percent chance that EZKeys2 will come out this year. Historically Toontrack has not had the resources to produce two major platform updates in one year.
  12. "An all-new recording featuring seven (7) drum kits and extras captured by Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer/mixer Michael Ilbert (Coldplay, Adele, The Weeknd) at the world-famous Hansa Studios in Berlin." It looks like "The Rooms of Hansa" SDX is coming to EZDrummer...
  13. For those of you thinking of passing on EZDrummer 3 and waiting for Superior Drummer 4, don’t hold your breath too long. EZDrummer 2 was released on May 2014. Superior Drummer 3 was released October 2017
  14. What looks like the sun coming up is the top part of the number 3. It has got to be EZdrummer 3.
  15. Any opinions on Softube's Harmonics? I have Soundtoy's Decapitator. I wonder how they compare.
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