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  1. My first thought as well, although I'm not completely sold on Fluidity. The presets sound a bit like Atmospherics overlaid with a bunch gurgling water sounds.
  2. I lost and couldn’t even see what I was trying to win. This is some serious marketing bs…
  3. Similar to the past few years, I would expect a few more Toontrack deals on Cyber Monday
  4. You need to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the heavily discounted stuff.
  5. I just discovered their Off-World string instrument. It is crazy unique and emotive. Not sure what I would use it for, but I want it!
  6. Wow! Softube’s stuff is expensive!
  7. Good catch! Actually my avatar is a snippet of a Rhodes Mark I Stage 73. You can tell it is a Stage and not a Suitcase by the silver knobs. Yes, I am a sucker for a good electromagnetic piano. I bought the Famous E when it first came out and I don't regret it a bit. It's an awesome Rhodes piano library. It would be a total Sophie's Choice if I had to choose between a Rhodes and a Wurlitzer. A Rhodes is probably more versatile but if I had a gun to my head I'd take the Wurli every time. Fortunately I don't have to choose.
  8. I agree that the e-instruments Wurli is the best of the three. The Sound Paint Wurli sounds absolutely dead. IMHO both the Soniccouture Wurli and the Acoustic Samples Wurli have a slight edge. I think the Acoustic Samples Wurli more precisely matches the signature tone of the Wurlitzer, while the Soniccouture is better at capturing the grit of the Wurlitzer. It is always fun to take a poll, and I enjoyed your rendition of Where it’s at.
  9. Their Putty Piano is interesting. Sounds a bit like small stones being dropped into a pond.
  10. I've got Moonkits and the library does sound really good. There is a ton of variety to be had in the various kits and presets. This library oozes uniqueness and character. There aren't nearly as many high hat and cymbal articulations as say a Superior Drummer kit, but many of the Moon kits come with a whopping 45 different brush articulations. Some of the more oddball Moon kits come with much fewer articulations. The one serious drawback to Moonkits is that there is no internal midi mapping tool. I can see this being a deal breaker for many. If you own a copy of full Kontakt, Soniccouture does share a link to a half-baked and somewhat painful midi mapping work around located here: https://www.soniccouture.com/blog/moonkits-how-to-re-map-for-e-drums/
  11. Finally, all courses at Groove 3 are 50% off! 1 year pass $99. https://www.groove3.com/big-groovember
  12. I like how the piano’s graphics pay homage to the Real Book and Straght Ahead Samples’ jazz roots.
  13. Good price. Is this redundant if you already have Vintage Vault?
  14. Slightly better Thomann $18.80 https://www.thomannmusic.com/toontrack_ezbass_midi_pack.htm
  15. Very good price for Boz - The Wall.
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