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  1. Subscription? BOOOOOOO!!!!! BOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not for me.
  2. 2024 appears to be the year of the bundle. Everybody is now offering multiple different bundles. Home, auto, boat, compressors… you name it, and its is a bundle!
  3. Does anyone who purchased this deal have comments on “Bad Speaker?” Having listened to the demos I have to say that it is well named. “Bad Speaker” sounds really… bad. I was having a hard time finding the magic in the badness. Perhaps I need to download the demo to really appreciate it. ’
  4. Not to gloat, but yes it was an incredible deal and it was only $142 for everything. . My advice is never buy individual plugins from Universal Audio. If you can afford to do so, buy the bundles when they are sale, Ideally around black Friday. All the new native plugins coming out now will be in the next newly branded bundle for sure.
  5. Toontrack releases Melodic Mallets midi pack: https://www.toontrack.com/product/melodic-mallets-ezkeys-midi/
  6. Hi AW - It was most definitely not an affiliate link. I was just sharing a nice deal with my fellow forum members. I'm surprised that you would bother to ask the question regarding a three year old broken link. It looks like you are new to the forum. Next time you might stop and consider before reporting an ancient post to the moderators. Best regards.
  7. How long do these PA sales typically last?
  8. I think the logic is that once people own one of the compressors, they will likely buy the remaining two to complete the "Icons Compressor Collection". Hell, this might work on me.
  9. Wow! As freebies go this is definitely one of the better ones! Thanks for posting!
  10. Best to wait for the Best Service $20 off code at Easter before buying any value packs.
  11. I upgraded at $29 too. It’s only a $10 dollar difference but somehow mistiming a sale always feels like a belly punch!
  12. Good to have you back Larry!
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