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  1. I just got a new NK2 and am struggling to integrate it into CW. After considerable effort (and frustration!!) I finally got the basic functions to work. But I have some questions... --The 8 sets of controls affect volume, panning, etc for separate tracks. How do I get them to control virtual instruments within tracks? I also have BBCSO instruments and it lists CC#1 for instrument volume, #19 for expression, etc. It sounds like you were able to fix this. --When CW is running, why does the Kontrol Editor not see my device as connected? If I close it and re-open the Editor, its there. Is this normal? --When CW is closed, why does the Editor open with an "Untitled* " config file? I was messing around and saved 2 of my own config files. Shouldn't it open with the last used/saved file? --What does the Cycle button do?? I have the NK2 Parameter Guide pdf but I'm not seeing it. Thanks for helping a newbie!! --Jeff
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