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  1. Thanks but thats not what I’m looking to do.
  2. Thanks of the tips etc. I do have it all working as I want it now. As far as Daw work goes, i only need the Solo to play back mixes, i don’t need it for recording, so I’m happy to just switch over at the end. Out of the Daw it will do all the audio duties. I have/had an old 2i4 that has been my only Windows interface/audio device for years. I recently lent this out to a mate as my MODX took over. The MODX can do midi and audio both ways over USB, so it worked well as a do it all device. Just plug headphones in to the MODX and everything passes through it. The drivers are Steinberg drivers but dont seem to be causing any issues. Its the Focusrite drivers that caused me issues. Ive used ASIO4ALL in the past but never had good results with it compared to the OEM drivers i should have used. I needed an interface for recording vocals so got the Solo. It works perfectly, as does the MODX, but i was surprised it was locking the Yamaha drivers out. I’d say part of this was user error, as i didn’t realise i needed to change the Output drivers first. That doesn't explain why after a week using Cakewalk with the MODX it suddenly wanted to use the Focusrite drivers. Installing the Solo went fine but did knock the MODX drivers out a bit. I had to re install those so maybe this was where the change happened, although I didn’t open Cakewalk during this time (i used Cubase to test the Solo).
  3. Thanks for all the replies. To be clear, its all working fine once i figured out i needed to untick the Output device drivers first. Ticking the Input didnt get me very far as the Yamaha drivers were still locked out of the system. I can now freely switch between the two interfaces. I was never trying to run two devices from one set of drivers. Each device has an up to date working driver.
  4. That’s what I’ve done. Thanks anyway. It was the output stage that was causing me the issue.
  5. Both sets of drivers and devices work perfectly in Cakewalk. Im using the same drivers in Cubase. I’m not trying to use both at the same time, and each device has its own drivers. I only want to use the Yamaha drivers so I can use my MODX as Audio in and out. I don’t need the Scarlett at all at the moment. The problem is the Scarlett keeps butting in and making itself the default audio driver. When I posted I could find no way to change back to Yamaha, as it was grey’ed out and disabled in the relevant section in Settings. I just figured out I need to turn the Scarlett off as the Output device first, and this then allowed me to change back to the Yamaha drivers for in and out. Previously I was only turning input off. And this made no difference other than turning off the Scarlett if that makes sense. It never let me enable the Yamaha.
  6. Ive been using Cakewalk by Bandlab (Windows 10) for a few weeks without issues with my Yamaha MODX. I use this as both audio and midi interface. I can record midi tracks, and then use the MODX to record them as audio. The MODX works as an audio device. A few days ago i brought a Scarlett Solo and thats working fine outside of Cakewalk, but as soon as i launch Cakewalk it becomes the default audio in/out and the Yamaha gets grey’ed out. I cant enable them. Midi is still working (this is over USB), but i cant bounce the midi down to audio unless I physically disconnect the Scarlett. I dont want to use the Scarlett at all, so its really annoying. I also have Cubase Elements 11 and have no such issues. Either can be used without effecting the other. Just wondering if anyone knows a setting that needs to be changed? I’d like to go over to Cakewalk full time but not if i have to do this each time.
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