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  1. My bandmate and I have been trying to see why our most recent (synth heavy) projects aren't properly played (without cracks/pops) in CW. After trying everything in terms of PC configuration, drivers, audio interfaces, latency, et cetera (and failing), we decided to try another DAW (Ableton) and rebuilt a multilayered section of one of our songs in it. Out of the box, Ableton was able to play the music without a single crack or pop, and even without fully loading the CPU. Unfortunately, this experiment shows that the CW audio engine performs pretty badly. I've been a Pro Audio / SONAR / CW user for as long as I can remember, so my workflow is very much tied to this software. I'm not happy to have to admit that the software is now causing us limits in our work.
  2. Same problem with trying to log in through Facebook.
  3. Same with Bandlab Assistant. The Dutch text says the browser or app is potentially unsafe.
  4. Just tried with my other email address and Google also complains about an invalid/malformed request. I'm not even sure why I need to "activate" Cakewalk, but if you insist, please make it work
  5. I have had to reinstall Cakewalk. Now I am being complained to about having to activate the program. And then... Clicking the red balloon does nothing. Clicking Activate under Help displays an HTML page where the CSS is clearly missing. I'm signing in with Google and get Error 400 from them. What's up with this...
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Bouncing to a clip gives more predictable outcomes. BUT let's be honest, this should not make a difference. The unbounced clip has a start and end time in the audio source file, surely it should be possible to fit it to a given time correctly?
  7. I I'm updating from the previous version. Getting the error pictured. I chose Ignore and continue. When I launch CW I get the splash screen and the program exits. Now trying a clean install...
  8. Currently working with the Fit To Time function and encountering very frustrating bugs. If you call Fit To Time on an audio clip and it's not bounced to a clip first, the audio is stretched but unpredictably. Quite often entering an end time in the dialog doesn't actually stretch the audio clip to that time; I've spent the last hour trying to get my clips to stretch to 46:01:000 for example, and they keep being stretched to 45:03:000. (Same if I input time in mm:ss:tt.) If you enter something wrong and press OK, you get a dialog informing you a (ridiculous) default value will be chosen and you can't cancel.
  9. Thanks for the reply and showing me what to do. I still think if you select all tracks and then delete a hole, you expect that hole to be deleted on all selected tracks, regardless of whether there's something in them. Otherwise why select them?
  10. But then we still end up with a different menu called "Insert", while there are five "Insert..." options in this menu. I would say these five options need to be moved back to the "Insert" menu, where they were in earlier SONAR versions. That'll make the "Project" menu a bit short (or "Timeline"), but it's better than the current situation.
  11. Also, I'm looking at Ripple Editing and that seems less intuitive to me for simply inserting or removing material. So if the old commands keep working, that'd be good.
  12. Mixob6-pre1-startwithmelody-endwithideas.cwp Hi Mark, thanks for your quick reply! I have Cakewalk 2020.11. Try this: Ctrl-A Set Now marker to measure 21 Select Thru=Now Pick Delete Special in the menu Check "Delete Hole" and every other option. Expected behaviour: 20 measures cut from all tracks. Real behaviour: 20 measures cut from some tracks.
  13. I think I am not the only one to think it's pretty illogical to have a menu called Insert and then put four options that start with Insert... in a different menu.
  14. I understood we also report bugs here. Here goes. This is a bug that you inherited from SONAR, at least v7. Open a project with many tracks. Select all tracks and a number of measures. Do Cut Special or Delete Special. Select Delete Hole. The hole is randomly deleted for some tracks and not for other tracks. I always have to delete the measures without selecting Delete Hole. Then I select everything after the hole, Cut and Paste it. Having said this: I'm missing the option to always open the "Special" versions of Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete.
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