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  1. I'm annoyed. Apparently Cakewalk requires reactivation. Why? It's free software and it's tied to my account. I don't have to reactivate my paid DAWs every year... The only software I need to reactivate is the virus scanner, it tries to sell me the paid version every year. I decided not to activate Cakewalk and let the activation expire. Without ANY warning, Cakewalk then doesn't save your work anymore. You can see it if you happen to pay attention to the * behind the file name. So, in order to save, I had to activate. I used my Google account on BandLab, so I click "Renew activation" and try to sign in with Google. That gives me an error message that the browser isn't secure. Do you actually want people to keep using the software, or is activation meant to scare them away?
  2. As I said, this is not about that. This is about having a default template that is actually good enough so people don't HAVE TO modify it. A few small changes on the dev side could improve the out of the box experience for thousands of users.
  3. Thus far, the only performance issues we've had are with Omnisphere, but it's my main synth. (I'm also using Pianoteq and some others.) There aren't less pops and crackles if I close the Omnisphere GUI though.
  4. In my opinion there are a number of issues with the default layout (Basic). Most prominently: The width of tracks on the left is such that the M and S buttons aren't visible for tracks in folders, but there's a large amount of empty space next to the track name. Zoom level for projects is always forgotten. This is annoying. That bloody Help Module. I don't need more than the basic controls, but I have been using the software for a while and really don't need help anymore. CW doesn't remember I closed it every time. I know, I can create my own custom layout. But that's not my point here. The default should be good enough.
  5. No we haven't, but thanks for the tip. In which way does it depend on our setup?
  6. Just came back to say thanks for the replies and the discussion. We found that the culprit is CPU-intensive synthesis (granular) in Omnisphere. The Omnisphere UI is also really slow when opened from CW and very responsive in standalone or Ableton. And indeed, Ableton is programmed to continue whatever happens and therefore probably is reducing rendering quality (etc.) behind the scenes.
  7. Hi all, I hope this is something someone might know. I'm collaborating on music, probably not the only one here. It'd be great if we could both work on a track in real time, for example using a remote connection to one of our computers. Unfortunately, although sharing system audio is possible (e.g. with TeamViewer) we don't seem to get CW's audio across to the other side. Any ideas? Best! Steven
  8. My bandmate and I have been trying to see why our most recent (synth heavy) projects aren't properly played (without cracks/pops) in CW. After trying everything in terms of PC configuration, drivers, audio interfaces, latency, et cetera (and failing), we decided to try another DAW (Ableton) and rebuilt a multilayered section of one of our songs in it. Out of the box, Ableton was able to play the music without a single crack or pop, and even without fully loading the CPU. Unfortunately, this experiment shows that the CW audio engine performs pretty badly. I've been a Pro Audio / SONAR / CW user for as long as I can remember, so my workflow is very much tied to this software. I'm not happy to have to admit that the software is now causing us limits in our work.
  9. Same problem with trying to log in through Facebook.
  10. Same with Bandlab Assistant. The Dutch text says the browser or app is potentially unsafe.
  11. Just tried with my other email address and Google also complains about an invalid/malformed request. I'm not even sure why I need to "activate" Cakewalk, but if you insist, please make it work
  12. I have had to reinstall Cakewalk. Now I am being complained to about having to activate the program. And then... Clicking the red balloon does nothing. Clicking Activate under Help displays an HTML page where the CSS is clearly missing. I'm signing in with Google and get Error 400 from them. What's up with this...
  13. Sorry for the late reply. Bouncing to a clip gives more predictable outcomes. BUT let's be honest, this should not make a difference. The unbounced clip has a start and end time in the audio source file, surely it should be possible to fit it to a given time correctly?
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