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  1. Thanks, Hatstand. I'm tentatively optimistic that the issue is resolved. It appears that the 20H2 update installation may not have been complete. I ran the check for updates again, and there was a further update to 20H2 indicated, a more recent one. That, fingers crossed, seems to have fixed things. The first update was definitely a problem for me.
  2. Everything was working fine until I decided to update to Win10 20H2, with other recommended driver updates. Now Cakewalk does not function on my system. There's a weird distortion until audio dropout every time I hit play. Anyone else experience problems?
  3. Nope, it still happened with the start screen turned off. I'm at a loss. Already tried a clean reinstall.
  4. I'll give that a try! Thanks marled.
  5. Thanks for the reply, gustabo. I'm not sure what AV means here. How to do this?
  6. Hello! Every time I launch Cakewalk (latest version and for the past couple of updates), the mouse pointer goes nuts, blinks on and off between pointer and hourglass, and is doubled. It's enough to give me a seizure and actually makes it difficult to choose an existing project from the list. Upon loading the project, the problem goes away--it's just at startup, and it only happens for Cakewalk, no other software on my system. I have attached a movie showing the problem. Is there a way to fix that? I'm using Win 10, also latest update. Pointer 1.MOV
  7. I have a Fostex 250 4-track that I paid $950 bucks for way back in 1984. The switches were always wearing out--got them replaced about 2x each. It was non-functional (not playing the tape) for about 15 years because of a worn out drive belt. The belt is just a frickin rubber band, rather small, but no one had the specs, so I had to wait years until some guy in UK, the only guy still making them, decided to sell to USA again. Got some old stuff to digitize! I actually hated those 4-tracks.
  8. Yep, I loved layers and hated the new lanes (I think I got that right--it was the new thing that I hated). I was vocal in that old discussion. I always do multiple takes of every instrumental performance, sometimes up to 50 takes! (Because I suck as a musician). I have gotten around the loss of track layers by using track templates: I pack 8-10 tracks into a track folder, save them as a track template, and use the tracks as if they were track layers. It actually works better for me, since now I can archive any tracks that I want to save for review later, saving CPU, whereas you couldn't archive an individual layer. When I want to do some more takes, I just import my pre-configured track template--a track folder packed with tracks. I do all the editing and comping with those tracks, and pasting clips back and forth between the tracks is bug-free. Also, the mute and solo buttons are larger this way! I was often mis-clicking those in the layers.
  9. All prog metal myself, but I also record some clients who do other forms of rock. I mostly use the Kemper Profiler direct to DAW for guitars now. I just could never get the quality of some of those guitar sounds mic'ing the cabinets myself. Been trying for two decades!
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