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  1. Here is the dumpfile with the latest update. File: Untitled_11242020_161508,dmp is with the latest update.
  2. Noel, I have tried to open sessions and templates with 2020.11 and 2020.11 update 1 and they both crashed. Here is the minidump file for 2020.11. I'm not able to send the second dumpfile because of the upload size limitation. Is there another way I can send the file to you? File: Untitled_11242020_160934.dmp is with out the latest update. Untitled_11242020_160934.dmp
  3. Thanks for replying Noel. I will get the minidump file a little later today. After that, I will install the update and let you know the outcome. Thanks again.
  4. Cake crashes whenever I attempt to open one of the new project templates or an existing project. have been having this issue for a while now. I was hoping that it would be addressed in the 2020.11 update but it appears that it hasn't. Anyone have any ideas what can be causing this? Thanks
  5. I am attempting to use Melodye on a vocal track where I removed all the silent parts before I ran Melodye. My issue is when I insert Melodyne with to one of the clips, a clip is made of silence with the actual vocal passage at the end of the clip. Has anyone experienced this issue?
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