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  1. Hi , Thankyou for your hep in this matter. 1) The Midi device I have is the RPx400 by DigiTech it has and additional plug in footswitch RPXFC with 3 buttons on it. Button 1) STOP/UNDO 2) RECORD 3) PLAY I believe all the midi is held in the RPx400 guitar pedal and that the additional RPxFC (foot controller) which is plugged into the RPx400 guitar effects pedal is simply an extra foot controller. Under devices the cakewalk see the driver which gives me inputs and outputs of RPx400 MIDI. 2) The Control Surface I am trying to use is the ACT Midi Controller with the input and output ports set as RPx400 Midi. 3) Looking in the Plugins area I can see the surface plugins including the ACT and Cakewalk Generic. When I pull up the generic surface I created and select a cell i.e B3 I have this set as Play/Pause, I then press the surface Button, then I press the RPXFC 3rd physical butoon and this stops the surface learn midi function but it does not adopt the Play/Pause function. I thought I would use the ACT Midi Controller as this would allow learn of a generic device but it does not seem to learn even though it does send a signal to the surface to stop the learn nothing gets registered or assigned to the specific button from the foot pedal. I was hoping that this would work as the RPXfc pedal is a neat small pedal with just the 3 pedal function of 1) Stop / Rewind 2) Record 3) Play / Pause. I wonder if it's worth trying the Cakewalk Generic surface , would this allow me to assign function to the Pedal Button like 1) Stop / Rewind 2) Record 3) Play / Pause. !! Thankyou to John also, Yes I see a lot of independant foot switches on the market but I wanted to see if my old kit would work as it is simply a nice robust unit with a Guitar Multi Effects Pedal RPX400 and the added RPFXC foot controller with some simple functions for hands free whilst working with the tracks. I was hoping the Generic surface could easily learn the few basic functions of the Foot Controller I would have hoped by now that there would be a Guitar Multi FX pedal with hands free foot pedal that would work with the DAW's available but I have looked at Zoom, Line 6, Boss &Mooer, they all seem to focus on the guitar effects and avoid the DAW control. With so many multi FX pedals available it's hard to choose and then they don't seem to have DAW control so I would like to stick with existing kit until I find the MultiFX pedal that will give me the sounds I need. Afterall I want to spend more time playing than being a sound device engineer . Many Thanks Victor
  2. Hi, I have some old Kit for my guitar setup , A digitech RPX400 and control foot pedal device with three selections to allow hands free 1)Stop/rewind, 2)Record, 3)Play/Pause I have tried using the ACT learn function and assigning predefined options to each but the surface does not seem to save the presets to the action of the pedal i.e I select the surface then the button 3 which I have given the play/pause function through the options setup, I then switch on the ACT learn , select the button 3 , the screen says Learn Midi, I press button 3 on the Physical foot pedal and the surface stops the learn. I switch off ACT learn, save the surface . When I try button 3 on the physical foot pedal it starts play on the DAW and then when I press it again it does a STOP/Rewind to beginning of the track Nothing I do will actually assign the Play/Pause function !! This is a simple 3 button footswitch and the DAW does respond but I cannot get the ACT learn function to assign the right function to the button surely if there is a simple device its a 3 button foot control pedal but I'm noy able to make it assign the correct function , should I give up now or does someone have some advice that could help me make this function. ? Thank you in advance if you have some advice to offer.
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