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  1. Not sure how it crashes but if you load TTS on a brand new project and can play any note without any problems but it crashes when you insert TTS and play any note in the middle of production where there are other plugin instruments, for example SI epiano, already loaded then this may solve the problem ・deactivate all instruments on synth rack window. ・insert TTS and play some note to see if it crashes. ・then activate all the instruments you deactivated earlier and keep making music.
  2. Extended another month? It shows 32 days left...is it just me?
  3. Overloud Dopamine was around $29 or something. I forgot the exact price but it never gets as cheap as that...
  4. I can't find any information about this plugin outside of this website... maybe official website hasn't updated the information about this plugin yet? Looks interesting. I have Harrison mix bus DAW but If this has the same sound quality then I can get the sound on my main DAW
  5. This is my second oneknob pumper. First one was also free
  6. Wow, I could learn a lot of new things! The best tutorial video I've ever watched for Cakewalk! I usually don't use step sequencer so I didn't know a lot about it...
  7. I am not sure if I need search function for plugin Insert menu in particular, but in general, search function is great for huge lists. So if the cakewalk UI can handle it, that'd be a great improvement....or is it just Windows UI that can't have search function...? What I want is for output lists. When I need to assign sidechain, it's tedious to find the one I am looking for, particularly when I have a lot of tracks with sidechain-capable plugins.
  8. There are similar wrapper plugins. I've tried to use DDMF metaplugin before but it crashes right after inserting it on Cakewalk. And it's more expensive. And their EQ (LP10) also crashes on Cakewalk. I bought Element around an year ago and it properly works on Cakewalk... I think I have tried to use LP10 on Element and it worked properly. I do remember it worked on FL wrapper plugin too. The name of the plugin is mini modular host or something but i forgot. It's a free plugin but it's beta and the plugin crashes easily, and not updated for years. So I think Element is the most stable one that works fine on Cakewalk!
  9. I think Pro channel EQ is good like other say. CA2A is one of the best LA2A emulators out there. I don't know if other pro channel comps are that good too as I don't really use them but this one is just amazing. For synth, Z3TA+2 is my favorite synth but it's no longer available as you can't buy it anymore. The sound is a bit dirty but I can make interesting sounds with Z3TA+2. I really like it. I have too many plugins so I also want to know more as I stopped using most of cakewalk plugins.
  10. Legend is $49 and Dune 3 is $99 at Thomann. https://www.thomann.de/intl/synapse_audio_the_legend.htm https://www.thomann.de/intl/synapse_audio_dune_3.htm I bought Dune 3. $49 is the cheapest price for Legend. (Sorry my internet is too slow to open the product pages, the link is for the website.) https://www.thomann.de/gb/hotdeals.html (I found this on reddit btw)
  11. I have demoed their ECM87 MIC CLONE many months ago, even though I don't have their Gauge ECM-87 microphone. (I liked it even though I didn't buy it as I don't have the mic.) And I didn't know there is this plugin, which doesn't require the microphone and can be used for any tracks. I thought this was the same product I have tried before where there was no such trouble iirc. But this one is probably new and very interesting...
  12. Hi, I believe search functions for any long lists is a must for modern UI. Imagine when doing mixing for a huge project with many tracks, like more than 100 tracks, and you have a search function and scroll bar to look for a right out put. It would be great! When I needed to look for an sidechain input, usually, not only there are many tracks and plugins there but also many instances of same compressor were used, it's like they have the same name in random order, so finding the right one takes more time. The gif below is a list for New Drum Map. so It takes time to get the right one. I know using an arrow key makes it slightly faster...but as you already know it's nice to have them as we all use it on CbB browser. like below. I think we all love this. For lists other than outputs and drum map, possibly lists for automation for a plugin can be long as well, so I might be great for them too. This is an example from a different DAW I use, which I felt is so handy
  13. I purchased TE-100! Thanksfor mentioning it. And PA sent me another email saying I can use the same coupon code again. I don't know what to buy now. I might go for chop shop but I don't know if I really need it or maybe I might buy something else.
  14. So you have these plugins already installed? These plugines might be simply excluded from your plugin list. From plugins manager you can make it show on the list. This might help you.
  15. I also wanted cakewalk to have this. Imagine when you have more than 80 tracks, and add a new track and move them. it's quite time consuming, so I'd be really nice to have this feature. Or is there any ways to do this already?
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