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  1. Legend is $49 and Dune 3 is $99 at Thomann. https://www.thomann.de/intl/synapse_audio_the_legend.htm https://www.thomann.de/intl/synapse_audio_dune_3.htm I bought Dune 3. $49 is the cheapest price for Legend. (Sorry my internet is too slow to open the product pages, the link is for the website.) https://www.thomann.de/gb/hotdeals.html (I found this on reddit btw)
  2. I have demoed their ECM87 MIC CLONE many months ago, even though I don't have their Gauge ECM-87 microphone. (I liked it even though I didn't buy it as I don't have the mic.) And I didn't know there is this plugin, which doesn't require the microphone and can be used for any tracks. I thought this was the same product I have tried before where there was no such trouble iirc. But this one is probably new and very interesting...
  3. Hi, I believe search functions for any long lists is a must for modern UI. Imagine when doing mixing for a huge project with many tracks, like more than 100 tracks, and you have a search function and scroll bar to look for a right out put. It would be great! When I needed to look for an sidechain input, usually, not only there are many tracks and plugins there but also many instances of same compressor were used, it's like they have the same name in random order, so finding the right one takes more time. The gif below is a list for New Drum Map. so It takes time to get the right one. I know using an arrow key makes it slightly faster...but as you already know it's nice to have them as we all use it on CbB browser. like below. I think we all love this. For lists other than outputs and drum map, possibly lists for automation for a plugin can be long as well, so I might be great for them too. This is an example from a different DAW I use, which I felt is so handy
  4. I purchased TE-100! Thanksfor mentioning it. And PA sent me another email saying I can use the same coupon code again. I don't know what to buy now. I might go for chop shop but I don't know if I really need it or maybe I might buy something else.
  5. So you have these plugins already installed? These plugines might be simply excluded from your plugin list. From plugins manager you can make it show on the list. This might help you.
  6. I also wanted cakewalk to have this. Imagine when you have more than 80 tracks, and add a new track and move them. it's quite time consuming, so I'd be really nice to have this feature. Or is there any ways to do this already?
  7. How the automation works and pan are most probably different at least. So it should be fair to assume it would be possible to improve some parts discussed in his videos.
  8. I was also looking for it recently for my laptop environment because I could not find it in my perchase history on the cakewalk website. The PC4K Gate/Expander came with Sonar X1 extended edition back then apparently. It was registered with my different email address so I couldn't download it from my cakewalk store. I probably still have the installer somewhere in my storage and I has serial numbers.
  9. I used this one called recordit. https://recordit.co/ It automatically uploads the file to the server and you can get the URL for the file after pressing stop button. As it uploads to the server, I have to be careful about what to record though. (I could delete it later thought)
  10. Yeah, like that. I don't remember how exactly it worked but I believe it minimized the application as you would expect and then I could somehow retrieve the control after clicking the icon again. I actually did that while screen recording for a gif but discarded the file as I didn't want to show my cluttered desktop.
  11. Clicking CbB icon on your windows Task Bar might stop it even without closing the application. I could stop it by doing that when that issue occurred.
  12. @Jonathan Sasor I tried it on newly created project file, and it wasn't reproducible in that new file. So probably it's the problem related to that specific project file. The original project file was actually created a long ago with older version of sonar. It might be X1, X2, or maybe X3. I am kind re-working on that. So it might have something to do with that. The issue was seen on the same project file that I sent to Noel. I'll send it to you in case. Thanks!
  13. @Noel Borthwick That's great to hear! I sent a message! Also I found another issue on the same project. When I really zoomed further and hit play, it won't stop. The stop button gets grayed out and space key won't work either.
  14. I am really enjoying new Arranger feature! However, I encountered a bug. Some automation on master bus disappears when I move arranger clips..
  15. I tried them too and they sounded differently. First I had an expectation that Triad can handle everything that Byome can do, and maybe it can but the sound was not the same. I will probably just get Byome for drums. And Maybe not this time for Triad.
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