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  1. Brian H

    Nothing seems to record

    Thank you - that makes a ton of sense. I wish it were clearer in the videos I was following. I saw three that all did basically the same thing. Thank you again!!
  2. Brian H

    Nothing seems to record

    Thank you - I was able to drag in a sample beat from the drum UI and get some audio. Still not sure why it isn't playing directly, but at least I feel like I haven't completely wasted 10 hours.
  3. Brian H

    Nothing seems to record

    Thank you for the reply. Why does it work in 9:00-9:45 of this tutorial seamlessly for him?
  4. Brian H

    Nothing seems to record

    So I've watched several different tutorial videos on creating tracks, getting started, etc. But I cannot get anything to actually record. Here's all I'm doing 1) Dragging in Instrument (SI-DrumKit) and accepting the defaults. 2) Make the track Hot, and click the instrument icon to bring up the drum kit 3) Click the Record button and beat on some drums 4) When I click space bar to stop recording, there is nothing in the clip box. It's like no audio ever gets through, although you can see the track receiving the audio in step 3. This is driving me batty. I've played with many different settings. Help?!?!
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