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  1. We are happy to announce the release of version 5.3.5 of all Soundtoys plug-ins. This update includes stability and performance improvements, fixes an issue with offline rendering in certain hosts, and fixes the sound of PhaseMistress for certain styles. This update is FREE for all version 5 product owners and can be accessed via the link below. Highlights of this update include: Fixes issues with offline rendering in Reaper and other hosts, where the effect might have a delayed onset or undesirable fade in. Fixes audio artifacts that could happen when editing modulation patterns during playback. Fixes issue where events could be edited to 0 level and then no longer modified. Effect Rack now resets delay buffers on preset changes. Fixes an issue with PhaseMistress sound for certain 2-stage phaser styles. Fixes an issue where Effect Rack could crash on load in Reaper on Windows. Pattern editor stability improvements. link : https://storage.googleapis.com/soundtoys-download/download.html?utm_source=Master+List&utm_campaign=1f5d47549e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_10_25_02_58_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_bbd3e23605-1f5d47549e-84832777&mc_cid=1f5d47549e&mc_eid=9e853184f9
  2. it worked well from my side... Thx Erik ! 😉
  3. At first, I thought it was a joke, but... https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/ujam-kandy.html CODE : KANDY-2499 This is a PA_EXT plugin. It will be available via the PA webshop for ONLY 48 HOURS. PA_EXT plugins are NOT part of our subscription bundles (MEGA, MIX & MASTER, etc.)
  4. Yes. E-mail from Softube. Didn't try it.
  5. Get an extra 10% off already reduced Overstayer M-A-S and British Class A plug-ins Use this checkout code to get an additional 10% off the introductory prices for Overstayer M-A-S and British Class A. That's an exclusive price of $179 (intro. $199/reg. $249) for M-A-S and $89 (intro. $99/reg. $225) for British Class A: PROGEARFROMLATOUK
  6. Get 50% off Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer Use this checkout code in the next 48 hours to get Model 84 at an exclusive price of $79 (reg. $159): MODEL84 @cclarry sorry, I can't post the link... Not long ago, Model 72 was 63% off... much more interesting
  7. Get 63% off Model 72 Synthesizer System Use this checkout code in the next 48 hours to get Model 72 Synthesizer System at an exclusive price of $59 (Reg. $159): 63MODEL Learn more about Model 72 Synthesizer System
  8. NicoTi

    I'm Baaaa-aaaack!

    Welcome back, Larry...
  9. Same for me... :-)
  10. Just Jump in ! But, all Arturia's servers seem saturated right now...
  11. Indeed, all my softube plugins have been updated (V5 + several plugins). not tested yet...
  12. NicoTi

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks Fleer ! In fact, I follow this forum since a long time ( from the old cakewalk forum)... my wallet has been bleeding for many years., thanks to The King.
  13. NicoTi

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year Everyone !!! ☺️
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