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  1. No I don't have Roland V Studio. The problem is clear to me. Cakewalk is not a major player anymore. Compatibility to their software is not a priority for developers.
  2. Captain Chords is a VST that creates chord progressions, bass lines and arps that can be adapted to melodies within a DAW and is opened just like any VST instrument. The website doesn't say specifically that they support Cakewalk. I tried to install the Captain Chords VST and load it in Cakewalk, and the only result was that my Melodyne 4, which wasn't even open at the time, malfunctioned and I was given an error message that advised me to disable Melodyne. In the process of trying to have Cakewalk scan for new VSTs, I got these error messages: "IDS_TITLE_WARN_MIDI_PORTS not found in text source file! (now that's exciting. It even has an exclamation mark) "Cannot open ARX MIDI ports. Please ensure that ARX is connected and that the MIDI ports are not selected in the host." (I don't know what ARX is, and I don't know how to do anything about MIDI ports selected in the host, whatever that is) "MIDI devices are not set up properly. Make sure the settings in the Set Up MIDI Devices dialog box are correct" (I plugged in my MIDI keyboard and restarted. Then the MIDI keyboard showed up on the dialog box, and I checked it, and it worked. But I still can't find Captain Chords, which is supposed to be a MIDI creating VST) Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. How does one enter, edit, write pedal events (on and off) in Piano Roll?
  4. Thank you for the advice. Here's another bottom line: I got up this morning to continue arranging piano, and my setup didn't work. All I did was change the track settings for the V49 to something else and back again, and it worked. Same thing often happens with the arm record button on a track. I have to turn it off and back on again. It's like women. You have to keep telling them that you love them, otherwise they forget.
  5. This thing kills me! I had it working. Then I went back to the forum and finished editing my reply to you, and when I went back to my keyboard, it had stopped working. Then I came back and found your second reply about using it only as a MIDI device, and not as a control surface. I followed that advice, and now it works again. Does the software have a idiosyncratic way of making a tentative connection to a VST, and then failing if the VST isn't set up right? That is the impression I get from this intermittent behavior. Now, the Alesis 49 has four knobs, and four buttons, besides eight drum finger pads, which I'm told can be used in to control various parameters in Cakewalk and to actuate some MIDI instructions. I would like to know how to set those up, how to link those to parameters either in Cakewalk or in Serum, the plug-in synth I'm using. Again, thanks for your advice!
  6. I spent an hour trying your suggestion and uninstalling and re-installing- Finally, what fixed it was, in the Console view, at the top of each track display are effects sends. I had always used the effects sends at the bottom, and had never looked at the ones on the top. Selecting them all for the Alesis V49 and the preset, it worked. Another thing that may have helped, was when I re-installed the driver, I found that the driver installation file does not install the driver on the Cakewalk/VST Plug-ins folder by default, I had to navigate to it. Whether that made any difference or not, I don't know, but the step that fixed it was the other set of effects sends I had not noticed before. Again, thank you for your suggestion, you put me on the track of installing the driver in the right folder.
  7. I just got an Alesis V49 keyboard MIDI controller. I followed all the instructions to set it up in Cakewalk. It worked. Now it doesn't. I tried using Cakewalk for Bandlab's MIDI devices option, and Controller surfaces option. I have the little colored indicator that it is affecting some tracks. No go. I read an older thread here where somebody said, "Delete or rename the TTSEQ file in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Cakewalk\Roaming\Cakewalk. No help. Nuttin. Any suggestions?
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