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  1. COMPRESSION was the problem, my new pc automatically compressed the files (blue arrows appear on folders that are automatically compressed by windows). I disabled compression for the Cakewalk folders and everything if fine now. this was also the solution to my other problem and I posted the method in detail here: Thanks for the assist @Nigel Mackay, @scook
  2. AAAHHHAAA. COMPRESSION. I was wondering what these blue arrows were when I first booted up the new pc. I had no idea it could affect the programs I use. All I had to do to get everything running properly was to disable the compression windows had done automatically. I did this for all Cakewalk related files to be safe, but the Drum Maps were already visible after I disabled compression for only that folder. Disabling Compression for the Cakewalk files Hold WINDOWS Key + R to open windows 'run' type in %appdata% and click ok Locate your Cakewalk file in the Roaming folder. (C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk) On your Cakewalk folder, Right click -> Properties ->Advanced Uncheck 'Compress contents to save disk space' I did this for all relevant Cakewalk folders. C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk C:\Program Files\Cakewalk C:\Program Files(x86)\Cakewalk C:\Cakewalk Content note: you don't need to disable compression for the parent folders your Cakewalk folders. eg, you don't nee to turn off compression for your 'Roaming' folder as well. Thanks for the help @scook @msmcleod @Colon Nicholls
  3. After reading your comment I tried removing all drum maps and only leaving a few that have ASCII characters in the folder and they still do not show up in the background. I didn't even think about that when posting this, completely slipped my mind that the new year starts today haha. Happy New Year fellas!
  4. it seems to be very unique problem unfortunately, I've seen other question around asking about the same problem but no solution. Running as admin doesn't make a difference either But thank you for your help
  5. Yes the correct entry is specified, I even tested it with a new folder in my documents and it's also able to write the file there. It's able to create the files to the assigned directory they simply don't show up in the preset dropdown
  6. I'm able to create drum map presets and save them, the file shows up in the designated folder after I've named and saved it. \ The problem comes in when I attempt to view/select it in the 'Presets' tab of the Drum Map Manager. None of the drum map files that were saved (nor the ones that come with Cakewalk by default) show up in the dropdown as selectable/clickable options, despite being in the designated folder and the manager being able to save presets without any problem to that folder. What could be the cause of this?
  7. Problem is still there after trying this Viewing and Setting track icons works fine. it seems the Studio Ware files and Cal script just wont show up in the keyboard shortcuts tab
  8. **I'm now observing that there are no functions displayed under the '---Studio Ware Files----' as well , and the file are present in the folder assigned 'C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\StudioWare Panels' Copying some files to c:/user/documents/cakewalk and then changing the location in the file settings in cakewalk seemed to have no effect either. When I scroll down without any search terms I'm unable to see any of the functions defined by the CAL files under the '----Cal Program Files-----' line (eg. 'HUMANIZE' from the 'HUMANIZE.CAL' file. Like I am able to on my old PC.
  9. fair answer, and if they're still not present? I edited my question to indicate I've tried that as well. You can also see from the size of the scroll bar that there are many more results when I search 'cal' on my old pc.
  10. Mapping my CAL functions to keyboard shortcuts worked fine on my previous PC, but after installing Cakewalk by Bandlab on my new one I noticed a problem. The CAL functions do not show up in search when I search through functions in the key biding tab. OS: Windows 10 64bit (Edit: I have scrolled down the list of results. I've also tried reinstalling cakewalk and bandlab (as well as reinstallng with firewall and protection settings turned off.) I've also confirmed the proper location of the scripts: Old PC search results: NEW PC SEARCH RESULTS:
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