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  1. Yeah, the demo version is pretty old and has been the exact same for quite a while now.
  2. Oh, I see. Thanks for the reply. Indeed they really are.
  3. I see. My apologies for the asumption. Actually it was more of a general comment than personally directed at you. Probably I should have clarified, my apologies again. Anyway, I would like to ask, because I am not sure I really understand what you meant there. I fail to see what is the relation between wanting to reduce the amount of plugins and which format they actually are.
  4. Oh, that's great to hear. Thank you very much for letting us know.
  5. I am not sure why there are so many people believing VST3 = better. As far as I know the truth is that it's the opposite, VST3 is a mess. It's true that sidechaining it's easier and handled better than in VST2 (where there was no official implementation for sidechaining), but apart from that VST3 is incomplete at best. On one hand it lacks all the features VST2 had, some are simply not implemented, and others are not complete. On another hand it is a big pain in the ***** if you are forced to port a VST2 plugin. That's why a lot of developers (like u-he) even if they offer VST3 versions they don't offer all the functionality the VST2 versions do. The very same way VST3 hosting is either completely implemented in every software so there will be features not working or unexpected behavior. So in the end I think it's waaaaaaay better to use VST2 versions for plugins that were originally developed for that API and use only VST3 ones when they are new plugins already developed on VST3 and with no VST2. I am aware though that maybe this has changed very recently now that Steinberg is enforcing VST3 to everyone (although I doubt it though, at least yet). It will improve in the future, that's for sure, but probably it will take at least two more years before going for the VST3 versions be a better idea.
  6. I haven't used them too much (actually haven't done music related stuff for a while) but I think the bundle at that price is pretty worthy. There is a ton of them, and when I got the bundle for cheap too a few years ago I found they are really easy to use, very consistent and well done. Found too the quality was great (in comparison to what I was used to back then). But the thing that I liked the most was that they were usable and sounded great right out of the box. Just load any of them and directly have instant results without the need for tweaking over and over. Default settings and presets are really useful. You can tweak of course but as they are designed to be quite simple to use and each one of them with a very specific purpose in mind they are not going to be complex or have too much to tweak. Hope this is helpful for someone. Also, take it with a grain of salt. I am just an amateur and music is just a hobby for me.
  7. To be honest I have to say, is this actually said for real ? Or just trolling ? Every single entertainment business in our society is a multi-transaction volume industry. And all of them are a rigged system, at least in relation to what it's sold to people, the usual american dream. This goes for music industry, writting, or any other creative industry. They move so much money because it is an investment in the most literal possible way, they put unthinkable amounts of money on promotion and marketing. That's the only reason they get so much money. Period. To make a lot of money you need first to have a lot of money already. It should be obvious that the rules on that level don't apply to individual artists. That's why it makes from the unknown or small individual artist zero sense to go for streaming platforms where the only money is made by the ones that are already famous. The ratio of artists that actually get famous versus the ones that not is absolutely disproportionated. And has nothing to do with skills or quality. The only things that can get you a ticket for the famous lottery are A LOT of luck, a lot of money already to invest in marketing and promotion (and the knowledge on how to use it of course), or having the right contacts within the industry. Usually, it takes all the three. The ones having that chance are a very very very few compared to all the rest that won't have any chance. So platforms like BandCamp are simply the only right choice and way to go for small artists (besides of course maybe having too a youtube channel and some social media to at least try to get lucky, maybe (again, maybe), to be more visible out there in the general population). It's only If (again, if) eventually they get lucky enough to start moving a lot of people that would make sense to move too to streaming platforms. But until then (something that most aspiring artists won't ever get), streaming platforms are only a way to be played and scammed like Philip told.
  8. VirusTotal runs the files through a huge list of antivirus engines. It is really really common to find a few of them showing and marking completely safe files as trojan. What matters is what the rest of the engines, specially the most important ones, actually say. If a file is marked as trojan by 2, 3 or even 4 antivirus engines from developers that no one actually know but all the others mark it as safe is 99.99% of the time just the typical false positive. Now, if major antivirus flag a file as well as dozens of the others..... well, then it is when you actually can assume that file is really not safe.
  9. It was a misread in the end on my part. The 40% discount was already the base price shown on the shop. The coupon code was actually just an additional discount on top. Interestingly enough the offer still seems up as it was showing me the applied 40% discount of 53,40$ over the normal price of 89$. Anyway, for what I saw there is basically no difference in price with the 50% discount Tracktion do every year on black friday on their own website shop. Oh, forgot to thank you for your reply though.
  10. Tried to use the coupon with the upgrade from Waveform 9 to 11 but instead of 40% it was showing a discounting of 16%. Have you guys checked how much was the discount for you ? EDIT: Nevermind, I realized I misread. It already has the discount applied and the group code is an additional one, not the 40%.
  11. Jeslan

    Samplab FREE!

    Just curious, what DAWs are supposed to allow conversion of polyphonic audio to midi without the need of a third party plugin or software ? In fact as far as I know there is still plenty of DAWs that don't even have monophonic audio to midi conversion.
  12. Not exactly about this but I think quite related. I have seen this kind of thing happening in big physical grocery stores where I am from. Like those high discount packs where you buy many of the same thing so each one is supposed to be cheaper, until you decide to actually make the calculation yourself with the original price. Of course after it has been noticed it ends being "just a mistake from the person printing the labels".
  13. I am in no way affiliated or related to the developer but to be honest, to judge that way and say what you say is what feels completely wrong, unfair and out of place. In a world of close source, incredibly overpriced software (and products in general), where many of the big companies with tons of resources REALLY extort and take advantage of people..... and you are really saying that to a basically one guy developer, that offers you a completely free version of the software (0.44.1), where you can support him through patreon or simply paying a ridiculous $2 to get the last version. And not only that, you even have the entire project source code at your dispossal for free. A software that performs excepcionally well for its price in places and circumstances where other lot more expensive ones fail. And not to mention the argumentation route of asking if you like to work for free or if you would be willing to put yourself a lot of time and effort on creating something and expect others to take for granted that the result of all that hard work and effort have zero value and thinking that if you want to get money from it you are extorting them. So.... seriously, really ? Also it's worth mentioning that Ardour also use the very same business model, open source project/product with a low price subscription or paying a ridiculous low amount to get only the last compiled windows version.
  14. Have you enabled the second network on the ASIO Link Pro Tool control panel ? From my understanding each network is only going to work for 1 to 1 PC. So you need two use the primary one for one PC and enable and use the second one for the other PC. I think that maybe it's also possible to run several instances of ASIO Link Pro in the receiving PC assigning manually different network ports for each one. But that would imply more work, configuration and test and it's not sure it would actually work. So the best and easier approach is like I mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  15. Were you able at least to send and receive audio from 1 PC to another ? If not, did you check the previous message I posted ? The steps must be followed in the exact order or it won't work. You first need to assign the right IPs ( on the receiving one), then network channels routing and after that activate network audio button. Edit: Almost forgot, enable first the listening PC and after the sending ones.
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