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  1. Oh my... I had no idea. Thank you very very much for noticing it and tagging me. It's really appreciated.
  2. Yeah, I did. They told me to refresh/delete browser cache or try another browser. I tried using completely different browsers in different PCs to be sure but same error. So it's clear it's something wrong with my account or with the payment service. I just replied to the support ticket, let's hope this time it can be solved.
  3. Still not working for me no matter what I do. I am from an euro zone country, so I have no idea why I am getting this error. It's quite frustrating.
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies. I created a support ticket after posting my comment but haven't received a response yet. I am from Europe so I guess it has do to with it. In fact I checked it and even if connecting using an IP from USA as soon as I let the pay service know where I am actually from it just tell me the same error message. So I guess that or this offer is region locked (which would make no sense and there is no message related to it that I am aware of) or the pay service has some kind of misconfiguration/bug when dealing with free purchases involving countries where certain taxes apply (even if the actual taxes are actually zero). Oh well...
  5. It's a shame, I am getting the error "We regret that your order could not be accepted. We value your business and would like to help you complete this order. Please contact us for assistance." when "paying". Is it only me or do you guys are also getting this error? I found strange though that the product doesn't seem to appear anywhere on the website. I tried using the search function and looking from the all products page and it's not there.
  6. After checking it it seems this is a free expansion to the owners of the Synchron Woodwinds product, not free sample packs for everyone, right?
  7. I see, thanks for the information. Certainly this was not the case until 5 years ago. Although to be honest, after checking it imho what most probably seems to be happening here is that Realtek simply just stopped releasing new drivers for their audio chipsets and simply started to rely on Windows 10 and 11 to deal with their driver installation. In fact when I went to check my motherboard support page (bought 6 months ago) there was no single driver download files apart from the intel chipset one, no audio drivers installer, not either for any other device. My guess is that any Realtek audio driver installation files that can still be found on motherboard websites must probably be just old Realtek installation files from 5 years ago. Edit: Ok, my bad. I checked it again as it felt weird to be honest and now it seems the website is showing all drivers. Indeed it appears the Realtek audio drivers are there and are apparently updated to this year. Edit2: Seeing the driver file name though (Realtek HD Universal Driver) it doesn't seem at all that the driver actually comes from or has anything to do with the mainboard manufacturer but actually Realtek themselves. It totally seems that Realtek just wanted to save costs by letting the delivery to the mainboard manufacturers. In fact the console app that usually came with the drivers is now an app hosted and downloaded from the microsoft store. I still remember Realtek servers were always extremely slow when you tried to download the drivers from their website and sometimes having to rely on third party websites like Guru3D because of this.
  8. Drivers are made by the manufacturers of the chipsets, not the motherboard maker. When you download the drivers for your motherboard you are downloading the drivers made by each device manufacturer, not the motherboard one. When you want to update the drivers of one of the devices from your motherboard to their latest version you have to go directly to the chipset manufacturer (in this specific case Realtek) and download the driver from their own website.
  9. Well, I am not too used to paypal either in this kind of thing, so I decided it was not safe enough for me to actually try to pay them through paypal for real (as I prefer to lose the deal more than risk to lose 50$ or having to fight with paypal to get them back). It's really a shame, the deal is a crazy no brainer. It's sad and kind of unfair it's only available for US residents to be honest. On the other side, I just saw that during black friday sale I could get a Collection V 9 crossgrade for 149€ from official Arturia website, which is too quite a crazy deal. Sadly I can't even afford right now that amount of money, but it's good to know eventually it will be possible again in the future to get it for that price luckily when I can finally afford it.
  10. Same here, and also not being able to create account.
  11. Does anyone else having problems trying to create an account? I just can't seem to be able to do it. From the little guy button on top of the website if I click on register and write down my data when I click the button it throws an "unexpected error" message. If I try using the link from the bottom in the account section nothing happens when I click the "create account" button and if I try to press it again it directly sends me to a cloudflare page saying I was blocked from the website for being a security risk. Also if I try to add to cart the item it triggers an animation but that's it, it doesn't do anything either. The only option that in theory it allows to me is to click the paypal button but because it sends me to the normal paypal login account previous to the payment in an online purchase. Truth is I don't understand how it can allow me to actually pay but apparently showing no way for them to recognize and link the buy directly to me in a way that I can actually receive it. EDIT: I just found out through the original deleted deal thread (via google cache) that apparently the website is US and Canada only. I wonder if maybe that's the reason for all the trouble as my IP is from Europe. Also I think I found the reason why the thread was deleted but just in case I am not going to say it loud.
  12. @Bruno de Souza Lino Seriously, having to deal with all kind of insane bullsh** is exactly the reason I barely post in online forums anymore. And truth is I didn't know what to expect, but man, that in there is way way beyond anything I could have imagined, that is the literal definition of insane. Not only no one single comment acknowledging any of what I wanted to say about the tool but also not just a single argument addressing or at least trying to debate the points I was making or the information I was sharing. Just an insane nonsense accusation to my person followed by insults. To be honest in my opinion something like that borders or even cross the line of what could be considered a harassment/bullying online comment, and as such I am going to report it. This is the kind of sh** people shouldn't have to deal with in a friendly good will place like the forum we all share here (which I love, specially because it is all about sharing with others). I am really sorry, but you portrayed yourself in there, even after I started my previous comment trying to make completely clear nothing on my comment was intended to be taken as a personal attack (anticipating already how things go wrong many times).
  13. First of all I want to make absolutely clear that in no way any of my following comment is meant to be a personal attack, but a completely sincere constructive criticism. So I will take the great quote from Jodorowski that says "I am responsible for what I say, not what you understand" just in case it ends being taken the wrong way. Now, with that said I want to start commenting on that quotes you wrote. That is what made me feel I had to write my first comment in this thread. First of all, because it was not true at all (the little example I showed later speaks for itself) and to be honest It felt to me a completely unfair thing to say, to give a so strong and misleading opinion to others seemingly without actually knowing for real the tool at all. And here starts the actual constructive criticism. When you read what I wrote you had two options, one to ask why I would say such thing about the tool, or the other, to simply dismiss it like you did (to be honest specially in such a condescending way). You keep repeating and repeating "Demucs" and "Spleeter" like if this tool was actually directly related, gravitating around or simply purposely created for using the Demucs model. And that is the thing, UVR is NOT about Demucs, demucs is just one more of all the AI models it supports. It's a bonus for the few people that may be interested in that model. There is a reason why the tool is actually called "Ultimate Vocal Remover" and the default AI model it uses is "MDX-Net". It is a tool for isolating and removing vocals, literally. And in that subject it excels and is a night and day difference from other tools or other models like demucs and spleeter. You simply can't start saying "MDX is better than Demucs and Spleeter" (when it is an order of magnitude better, not simply just better), only to give next some absurd negative critique followed by an "it is not as useful", specially when the most important job and interest people always had has been to remove or isolate vocals from instrumentals. Seriously, you simply can't. If you don't actually have enough deep knowledge about the tool or how to get the best out of it it is just as easy as to don't say anything, if the problem is that it is a tool that is not suited for your workflow or is not suited for the kind of work or objective you are looking for, the same apply or just say it is a tool not suited for you and the reasons why. But please, stop giving negative unuseful critique and strong false opinions just for the sake of it regarding something that really can be mindblowing and incredibly useful for so many people in here. (Of course the same critique applies to everyone and everything, not just you and this specific tool). Just for the sake of other people that may not know, all demucs and spleeter can separate beyond vocals and instrumental are piano and drums. It's not that it can separate every single element of a track. Piano separation is not particularly useful with the exception of a few people that may be specially interested in it. Drum track could be for a lot more people. But if that is the case and the only interest, UVR (Ultimate Vocal Removal) is not going to offer much more (in terms of quality) than easy of usage, instead of manually installing and running models like Demucs. Again, this tool is intended and specialized in vocal extraction/removing which is where it shines. Maybe there is or will be a UDR (Ultimate Drum Removal or something of the like) , as the same AI technology could be trained and specialized just for that "easily" too. Also for the sake of knowledge and accuracy I will comment on this. I must say this information isn't entirely accurate either and it requires some explaining. For instance, in my computer back then (which had a CPU with a phenom x4 1090T from 2010) it took a couple of minutes mostly. But that wouldn't be accurate alone either for the next reason, I had a Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU (from 2016). This tool uses neural networks artificial intelligence, which is a technology extremely demanding in terms of computational power. In fact it is an entire miracle we are able to run so much of it in consumer hardware nowadays. Many of this technology was and still is suitable to be run on incredibly pricey supercomputers only (like it happens with ChatGPT for instance). Thing is gaming cards are able to make the same kind of computational work than those super computers but in a smaller scale (specially in relation to the very small RAM available on the consumer graphic cards). So in a few words, if you have a nvidia gaming card (laptop or desktop) you will be able to run extraction with this tool from seconds to few minutes depending the graphic card (just make sure you select GPU). I don't know the exact case for AMD and the new Intel Arc graphic cards in the exact case of this tool but I know they can be put to work too although it may require in the worst case having computer engineering knowledge and using some tutorials from the internet. The ones that don't have a suitable graphic card are forced to use the computer's CPU which will take a lot more time (which depends on the CPU), like for instance the numbers told back there (in the case of an ensemble). Anyway, even with a CPU, a single vocal extraction shouldn't take more than 10 min max if I recall right.
  14. Glad to know I am not the only one appreciating how good this tool really is. The creator completely deserves a donation, that's for sure. I must say I felt the compulsion to post here and give my two cents because to be honest, the thread was being completely unfair about the actual quality this tool really offers and specially misleading about how useful and interesting it actually can be for the users of this specific forum.
  15. I was actually not talking about Demucs but the default UVR model unique to it, not sure but I think it's MDX-Net?? THAT AI separation model IS way way better than spleeter and demucs. That is the one I was saying was night and day. If I don't recall wrong that model is actually trained by the creator of the app (among some others for his patreon supporters). I think I still have the telegram files I send to show a friend of mine how mind blown and excited I was, using a 10 sec fragment of the anime opening I was watching back then. Damn, it was already in november last year, that's quite a lot more than just a few months. Anyway.... the original fragment: https://app.box.com/s/f8g41psi73741ghrxm43dschabdrb4f6 This is the vocal track isolated with spleeter: https://app.box.com/s/3ilhhdogkimh0jsapgozbwa3y06pcebj This is the vocal track isolated using the default MDX-Net model I was mentioning: https://app.box.com/s/bx3r5r629u3z494ou6eub1swl5tk6mz9 And this is the instrumentals with the vocals removed from the previous vocal isolation, which sounds literally like it never ever had any vocals over it in the first place: https://app.box.com/s/61rg42cu9n5vi5rahulavvqsrvjl5ptw Sadly I don't have the instrumental audio from spleeter but it sounded really awful. Thing is, if this is not night and day difference and completely mind blowing I don't know what actually would be. I also remember doing some more testing from something way more extreme with some Children of Bodom's Hatebreeder album songs (as I am not a fan of that kind of voice but love the instrumentals) and while It was obviously not as good extracting and removing those vocals it was still a completely mind blowing result taking into account it was death metal sound and a voice barely recognizable as human. In fact when I put both the vocal and instrumental tracks together on a daw and lowered the vocal track volume (by a lot) I was actually able to achieve 100% what I was actually looking for.
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