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  1. I already have some Sampletraxx libraries and they are great. I will check this bundle to see if I can add some more.
  2. I see 49$. I guess the sale is over.
  3. Yes, they are very expensive. But if you can afford some, they are generally very good.
  4. For those that have Brass and Strings, they can get Woodwinds for free. Or if you only have Brass or Strings, buy the other to get the Woodwinds for free. It has been confirmed by 8Dio chat.
  5. Also Future Music magazine.
  6. Another urban legend...
  7. Yes they lied. They offer a bigger discount on Majestica. That’s a bummer. They should have not extended the Majestica sale, so we could apply the code to pay a higher price...
  8. There’s still a market for abandonware products...
  9. There’s major power failures in my area. I would gladly take some Electro City to energize my day.
  10. So far, XLN Audio is releasing quality products all the way. I will give them a chance, but not at this price.
  11. Yes, that’s a great library. Recommended, especially at this price.
  12. I should have bought it on sale last month...
  13. You should verify before saying this. Dirk from PA said that the vouchers will be sent after the sale......
  14. Looks like a good price for all that's in this bundle
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