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  1. It's good to WUP before you need something to buy from Waves, as you will receive a voucher of the same amount of your WUP spending to use for Waves products.

  2. 9 hours ago, cclarry said:

    the downside of using Credits is the product can no longer
    be resold.  Only products purchased for cash can be resold.
    Another IK "flub"

    I thought their credit system was convoluted, only to find out it's worse than I thought...

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  3. On 2/13/2019 at 12:42 AM, mettelus said:

    My first reaction is "ouch," "lackluster," or possibly Kevin Klein's "Disappointed!" (from A Fish Called Wanda). Jim posted in another thread that the Rig Player doesn't allow recording "for the time being," so I ratcheted down my expectations before popping off the demo. It took another hit when the text insert in the TH-U manual for the Rig Player states "Overloud does these rig modelling in house using top quality tools and procedures, to allow users to play with the best guitar tones possible." "In house" makes me assume Rig Modeling will not be "in studio" any time soon (defeating the purpose of ambient modeling as well). The Amp Tweak is also not available on Rig Models as far as I can tell, which drove another nail in the coffin for me (even if I could model my tube amp, I cannot alter it).

    With all of the hype behind the Rig Player, it would have been nicer to be upfront to what it actually is... which appears to be a method to market other people's rigs, not capture your own.

    This left me with putzing around what I could find new and the new shimmer effect (nothing earth-shattering for me). The search feature would have been nice back in the TH2 days, but at this point I have already sorted things manually, so that is OBE for me.  I will hold off till I get a better feel for what is actually new (I missed some things), and what is intended going forward.

    Just wanted to give folks this heads up, since Rig Player got touted pretty heavily in the past month. In reality, this fell far short of what got marketed.

    Maybe Overloud wants to do like Amplitube 4 and open a custom shop for their new Rig Models.

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