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  1. You're right, ISW is one of the top developers for ethnic stuff and this bundle is very enticing.
  2. Spend 49$ and you will get vouchers for a year...
  3. Uneven

    25% Off Waves WUP

    It's good to WUP before you need something to buy from Waves, as you will receive a voucher of the same amount of your WUP spending to use for Waves products.
  4. That's a great price for a bass library. Anyone can share some feedback about this one?
  5. Don't forget your 20% off personal code for owners of Rematrix if you buy directly from Overloud website.
  6. Uneven

    XLN Audio XO

    By the way, there's no intro sale, just regular price, which is pretty expensive.
  7. So many effects on sale right now, what about this bundle?
  8. Still expensive, but badass libraries!
  9. Already got the first one and it's really great. If it's similar, it's worth getting.
  10. Second link is working, but not the first, tried again.
  11. Great library if you're looking for men only.
  12. I'm waiting on a deal on the upgrade prices... 😁
  13. The link to EZkeys Midi is going back to the current thread.
  14. Great deal. Since I already own Gold, I'm waiting for a similar deal when buying Abbey Road bundle and get SSL free.
  15. Uneven

    Jamstix Sale

    Is it really different from Superior Drummer 3 features like "edit playing style", "groove editor", "song creator" ?
  16. There's nothing to say against IK about this, only thank you and APD for the freebie.
  17. I thought their credit system was convoluted, only to find out it's worse than I thought...
  18. How do you get this price? I see 81.95$.
  19. That's a great quote. Thing is, it's true, this library is really good.
  20. Great price, but I wonder if I could get any use from this since I already have Ozone 8 Advanced.
  21. I know of my loved ones who will be happy to use that money. From me to me!...
  22. Maybe Overloud wants to do like Amplitube 4 and open a custom shop for their new Rig Models.
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