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  1. Thanks guys! I didn't go to any other DAW, I just stopped playing guitar and my music hobby. However, like I mentioned by girlfriend wants to play piano again so I thought I would set her up. Maybe this is a kick in the butt I need to start playing again.
  2. Hey guys, thanks... Last night I was able to stumble around and get it to work. John's tip helped me figure it out. I got the TruePianos to work by ensuring I had the proper in/out. Next I wanted to play with z3ta. I know it's not the only way, but I was able to get that to work by ensuing it was using "Simple Instrument Track". I have the Sonar X3 Explained by Groove 3 video series. I'm going to go back and watch. I've forgotten just about everything I had learned in the past. I sure love the new GUI improvements over X3. I had no idea that it was free now. What happen? Gibson just couldn't make any money with it anymore? It's an amazing piece of software, I can't believe it's free.
  3. Hi all... It's been a long time since I've used a DAW. Sonar X3 Producer. I've forgotten quit a bit. I played and recorded guitar. I had purchased a A-500 Pro MIDI keyboard to play around with. My girlfriend used to play the piano, asked me to get this all set back up so she could play piano through the MIDI keyboard. So, I downloaded the newest version of Sonar just now. I loaded up the TruePianos plugin. But now I'm lost on how to get Sonar to work with this MIDI keyboard. I've setup Sonar's MIDI devices like this. But beyond this I'm pretty lost. I was hoping that someone might be able to point me to a tutorial, documentation that would show me how to get this working so that we can hear piano being played when the keys are being struck. I have an Octa-Capture that seems to be configured properly. I loaded up a loop track and was able to play it and hear it through the Octa-Capture just fine. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks Rick
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