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  1. I only do real time export on my music projects...so it was happening for me in "real time". But I agree with Noel...this is plugin problem.
  2. Tee Hee...Noel said capture a dump...( I know...I'm so juvenile). @ Bapsi...It's still just SPLAT to me:-)
  3. Yup...that's what I'm using now in both suites...the latest version ( I think)
  4. Recently I had a large project I was mixing (tons of plugs, etc...) and every time I tried to export it to the desktop SPLAT would freeze and my speakers would start squealing and the only way (or so I thought) to get it to stop was to use the task manager to end SPLAT. After several attempts I just started turning things off one at a time on the master and other busses to see if I could locate the culprit...which I did. It was Nimbus from exponential audio, a recent cheap acquirement. Nimbus replaced I had no more problem exporting the mix. Too bad as it's a nice verb...but, of course, I've got eleventy jillion others so no prob. Anyone else had problems with this little jewel??
  5. Yup...that was it. The update had set all the default Windows audio settings back and the sample rates were miss-matched...plus, and probably just as important...the "exclusive" settings were turned on which can lock the audio to a single device. I re-set the sample rates in both the EVO and Windows and un-clicked the exclusive settings and I'm running hot straight and normal again. Thanks for all the info!
  6. I use ASIO and can play anything I want as long as Cake is minimized. Have for eons. In fact I'm doing it right now:-) Donald Fagen's new "Rhymes"...check it out. (But not on the voice over suite DAW)
  7. Have just updated Cake by BL and now I have to shut it down to play something on the desktop or web. Before I could just minimize it. Still can in the music suite (which I don't think I've updated recently) but not the voice over suite. Another hitch is that I just also update the firmware in my EVO 4 as well...and have sent them a similar heads up. Anyone else experiencing this?? Or, as per usual, is it just something I'm too dim-witted to figure out?
  8. I'll give that a whirl...I'll have to remember a project where I use the Scuffam amp sim (and/or any of the KiloHearts plugs). The Scuffam shows up in my custom guitar vst folder but greyed out...but it doesn't show up in SPLATS VST2 or VST3 plug lists. The KiloHearts plugs are all in my Cakewalk\VST folder but don't show up at all in either the SPLAT VST2/VST3 list OR the KiloHearts folder in my custom setup.
  9. I've recently switched over to the BandLab version of SPLAT in the music studio (I switched last year in the voice over suite) and I've discovered an odd anomaly. As most of you who know me are already aware I've got about elevnty jillion vst plugins. I was able to move my custom folders over to the BL version and everything seemed to be running hot straight and normal. However, I happened to notice that my Scuffam guitar sim wasn't showing up with all the others in my "Guitars" vst folder. When I pulled up the plugin manager I saw it was greyed out. So I went to my VST folder in C:program files\Calewalk\vst plugins and...there it was. So then I went back to the plugin manager and looked through all my different folders in my custom setup and found that both the Scuffam and all my KiloHearts plugins were not showing up...in fact the KiloHearts folder was completely empty...not even there but greyed out. Yet they are all installed properly in my Cake VST folder AND they all show up in the old version of SPLAT. They don't show up as failed plugins so that avenue doesn't work. Any suggestions??
  10. Thanks a bunch, emeraldsoul, ol pal...if you've been listening to me on Soundcloud you should switch to my Bandcamp page doghouseriley1.bandcamp.com (and for some strange reason...and/or...I don't know what the heck I'm doing...more likely...this new Bandlab forum thingy won't let me use my musical persona) What's funny about this new development is that I can hear notes lower than G just fine...it's only that one note.
  11. Apparently and weirdly not as low as I used to. Seems I've developed a strange hearing problem with low bass notes. At first I thought I'd discovered that one of the basses in the Modo Bass package was out of tune. I mean really out of tune. The song was in G and every time the low G on the E string was played it sounded way flat. So, I switched it out for a Trilian bass but guess what? No, go on, guess. The low G on that one was flat as well. As was every other bass I tried. So, it's me being unable to discern the low G accurately. Only it gets weirder. I can hear notes below and above that low G just fine and in tune. It's hell gettin old:-)
  12. Nope...when I noticed this happening I deleted ALL plugins in the project and it's still happening. What's even crazier is that, one, my DAW is a boss hoss quad core with 32 gigs of memory and a super fast processor and, two, that there are only six tracks of audio in the project.
  13. Hey folks...I'm still using SPLAT in the music suite but have switched to BL in the voiceover suite. I think I may have to switch in the music studio as well as I'm having a couple of weird problems with a single project in SPLAT. Not only is it crashing on me with some frequency (which really never happens) but it is not responding to latency changes in my interface. No matter how low I set my buffers in my Audient iD14 there is still noticeable latency in the project. Other projects do not exhibit this AND if I load this project into BL the latency issues are still there...although BL shows no latency problems on any other project. Is it possible that a single project can get corrupted like this? I've taken the precaution of porting out all the tracks required to rebuild the project in a new project in either SPLAT or BL but in order to do that I had to first load the project into BL as trying to export a file in SPLAT caused an immediate crash. Any info will be greatly appreciated. But it looks like my long days with SPLAT may finally be over. Sigh.
  14. This has happened before and on other computers as well. Upon the startup scan the WaveShells are popping up the dialogues that say initial scan failed and asking me if I want to "Enable" the plugin which it says would be "risky". I do enable the shells and then after the scan has completed I do a manual scan for failed plugs and they all scan in fine. Again, this has happened at various times in the past and has then (after and update?? windows? SPLAT??) just disappeared. This is the longest it's been doing it. This is on my music production DAW which is still SPLAT. But it has done it as well in the voice over suite which is Bandlab. Any suggestions why it's doing this and how to make it stop. It's just an annoyance but it's an extra step on startup I'd rather not have to take.
  15. Yup...my template in Splat is such...but, of course, being a dim-bulb I forgot to route the tracks appropriately in BL. Thanks!
  16. As I said in a different thread I have finally switched from SPLAT to the Band Lab version in our voice over suite. I was getting a lot of dropouts so I switched both interface and program to see if it would help. And...it hasn't really...well, maybe a little. But now I'm getting used to the slight differences in the DAW. One thing that's driving me mad is that in the voiceover suite I use a project template that loads by default that has 8 mono tracks. No problem to do the same with the BL version EXCEPT when I click the record button on any mono track it turns into a stereo track. I can't seem to record in mono. I never had a track switch modes simply by placing it in record in SPLAT....is there some other way I should be holding my mouth or flipping a switch I don't know about?? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  17. Thanks ol pals...we're doin fine. And, hopefully, I'll be hanging out here more often now:-)
  18. Don't know...back when I signed up for the BandLab thingy I used the same profile as with Cake...but here on this forum it shows me as...well...me...but not the me I used to be...see?? Hip me, will ya? PS: I've missed a lot by not hanging around more...like getting to talk to your own self, ol pal...hope you and the missus are doing swell!
  19. Not that anyone at all should give a hoot but I finally had to switch to the Band Lab version in the voiceover studio. My SPLAT was getting way too buggy and my audio interface kept dropping out (on two different units no less). Anywhoo...just got everything installed and configured and am hoping for smooth sailing going forward. I'll keep ya posted. And a special shout out to any and all who probably thought I'd croaked or somethin. It's me, Doghouse...only apparently I can't use that name no more. Sigh.
  20. Because I am...would like to take advantage of a couple Black Friday thingys but keep getting "this site can't be reached" when trying to log in or contact ST support. And, of course, hope all of my ol pals here are having the best Turkey Day ever!!
  21. Yup...at $15 semolians it was too tempting to pass up. Dern it...another EQ!?!? Somebody stop me!
  22. Not included in AR Collection?? Dern.
  23. Anybody know someone who sells midi packs containing just hi-hat patterns and licks and/or just 2 bar drum turns and fills...AND... for rock, songwriter, jazz or funk...AND NOT...rap, trap and any other hip hoppy thing???? I'm gettin lazier all the time.
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