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  1. Ah, ok! I thought that there will be some way. Thank you again.
  2. Thanks but this video is not answering to my question.
  3. How can I automate the velocity of a midi clip? Can't find an option in automation lanes.
  4. @jackson white no. I haven't spikes on specifc channels. The load engine goes above 100% and then the spikes on sound appearing. Same time the cpu usage is at 55%....
  5. I've checked like you all the above list! The difference in my case is that I had the same problem from the beginning and with all the projects. The problem/or the answer is that in ProTools the same tracks with the same VSTs work much much better. Maybe the problem is the sound engine of the Cakewalk.
  6. @David Baay @bvideo @Robert Bone do you think that Audio processing (30-32%) is normally according the Engine Load (95-102%)? What's the numbers in your projects?
  7. @Robert Bone Asio drivers. The problem exists in various kind of projects. With or without VI's. With exactly the same plugin or with different plugins. If I bypass all the fx the render is as expected much much faster.
  8. No luck with the new .ini file. Same results. No, I don't have any oldbundled demo project. The only difference I've found is without plugin load balancing the meters are : Audio processing 13-16% Engine Load 75-85 With plugin load balancing: Audio processing 30-32% Engine Load 95-102% !!!
  9. I've tried disabling each plugin at a time but without result too. The system seems well optimized at pro tools but not in cakewalk in my case.
  10. The buffer count increasing when the project running and also when the project is stopped. Audio processing: 33-35% Engine Load: 96-106% . Same numbers when the project is running or stopped. (1024 samples Asio buffer size) I've also attached three images. The 1st is LatencyMon without Cakewalk running. The 3d when Cakewalk running a light project (both at 256 samples buffer size) The 2nd image is when running the heavy project with clicks and peaks (at 1024 samples buffer size).
  11. No, the audio when I play the project during mixing or recording has peaks, clicks etc.
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