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  1. I've tried Pro Tools and my PC can handle two times the plugins that I have in my Cakewalk project.
  2. No problem with my PC Noel.
  3. Is it common the phenomenon the engine to load 100% and the audio processing to be lower or they usually go to the same level? Just downloaded reaper and insert the project of cakewalk there. I also insert the same plugins and the project did not drop out. I've insert twice the time the plugins of cakewalk and the cpu reached 65-70% and started to have some clicks and pops.
  4. @Noel Borthwick I've tried every scenario and the loading engine corrupts before the CPU loads before 30-33%. Is that a normal thing or not? Like above post from Mark, I think that this is maybe the normal. The engine of Cakewalk can't make use of all the horsepower of newest Cpu's.
  5. @Mark Morgon-Shaw the audio processing and audio loading is like mine. Little CPU usage and very big engine load.
  6. I have 7 instances of IK multimedia tapes (1024 buffers - 96 khz). If I put another one instance dropout.
  7. Yes @msmcleod I've tried all that things.
  8. Mark, what's the amount of the audio processing meter according the engine loading? Does your system uses all the power of the CPU bedore the engine drops out? My cpu goes to 25% and the same time the engine is about 95-110% and or drops out or clicking and poping.
  9. Unfortunately I've tried already all of the above without result.
  10. I have the same problem.. Any newer suggestion?
  11. Happens in every project that I'm mixing where I'm using 1-2 (heavy)plugins per channel. I don't know if the problem is the plethora of the plugins because the cpu works at the 25% but even if I'm using the biggest buffer size Cakewalk doesn't uses the 75% of my CPU.
  12. I'm using an Antelope Discrete 8 via USB.
  13. The meters of the audio processing is about 30% and the engine load goes above 100% and the project drops out.... I have 16 cores in my AMD 3950X CPU and 32 mb of ram but if I understand right the engine of Cakewalk can't handle them. I have try every possible solution from the setting of the cakewalk and the setting of windows without resolution. Is there anybody else with the same problen and could figure it out?
  14. @Mannymac I have the same CPU and the same problem! Have you found any solution about this problem?
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